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  1. If the first one is a foul we may as well give it up now. Not sure what’s dodgy about the second one. Suppose it’s a testament to how well such a small club can do against the biggest club in the world 😁
  2. Rudy

    Euro 2020

    How much and off which site mate?
  3. Their footballing skills develop better at this age when the game is played below waist height anyways
  4. Rudy


    Could Messi do it though?
  5. Rudy


    Ahh right. Yeah met them both a few times years ago. A Colleagues son used to be in the u18’s. Small world
  6. Rudy


    Karl still do the u18’s?
  7. Rudy


    Who do you train Mounts
  8. Rudy


    I’ll have a word for you
  9. Rudy


    Picture with the Fergie Waxwork?
  10. Rudy

    MK Dons

    Did he spot the Red Devil poking out of your collar?
  11. Rudy

    MK Dons

    Never let a football match spoil a good away day
  12. Rudy


    That’s amazing. Fair play to them
  13. I thought people called you Simply red because you’re ginger.
  14. Bloody hell thats awful. My condolences to the family mate
  15. great win for Wolves and Arsenal
  16. Poor lad who was the mascot who came on the pitch to get the ball when it didn’t go out was distraught after the game.
  17. Been to a fair share of Everton games because me old man supports them. Nearly got thrown out of Goodison when we beat them 4-0. A few games when I’ve been on a city break or away for work. I see more City games than Wanderers games unfortunately nowadays unfortunately but they pay my mortgage 😁
  18. I was 8 I wasn’t old enough for 88, or 90, 92 didn’t happen neither did 94 so 96 was my first tournament. My first England game was Scotland and I can remember it. Anytime I smell stale piss I think of the old Wembley 😁 Actually cries when Southgate missed a penalty. I told him that when I met him last year he said yeah so did I. Top bloke.
  19. Roman numerals always did get a little hazy after Rocky V
  20. If you wear pyjamas outside that suggests to me they haven’t washed. Dirty bastards
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