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  1. Can’t remember the last time I enjoyed a deadline day Countdown that Jim White you massive cunt
  2. No real complaints about Buckley signing
  3. Yeah that’s what made me think at least get his nationality right Gary
  4. Didn’t he call him a Scottish cunt as well?
  5. I doubt we’re getting him but he’d do a job at this level and I don’t think we can be picky. But like I said we ain’t getting him
  6. Rudy

    Keith Hill

    Fair enough, he’s gonna be a busy chap today and tomorrow unless we’re completely relying on free agents
  7. Rudy

    Keith Hill

    Solid and sensible appointment. Would’ve have been happy with Nolan or Hill. I do wonder how long he has known for and has he a list of players he wants to bring in asap
  8. Yeah I’ve been in a bit of a stunned silence at people who said they’ll turn out for it
  9. Rudy

    Next manager

    Sensible appointment very happy with it
  10. You reckon he’ll let me drive it for a evening, if I have a no brass rule ?
  11. Wow what a refreshing read. Optimistic for the future , COYWM
  12. Rudy

    Next manager

    I’d be happy with Nolan or Keith Hill in this division or lower, the structure in place is going to be equally if not more important going forward though.
  13. My job functions around weekend work, mainly Sunday’s now, so if I’m free I still go to the Saturday games home and away, nothing really stops me going other than my career which is in football, just the way it falls whether I go, buy still get a ST and if I can’t go I’ll make sure someone else does some of my mates have fallen away from it but there’s still a few of us that make the effort and spend the money
  14. Rudy

    Take Over

    What a difference a day makes, from almost going bust to being excited about what FV has on their to do list.
  15. In the back garden playing football with my daughter, phone just started going bezerk, started cheering and she joined in because that’s what she thought we are doing, she’s 2 and has no idea, but looking forward to having it as one of my Wanderers tales when she’s a bit older.
  16. Had a drink and read as many news articles as I could find about it. All pretty much said the same thing but it felt nice They all laughed at us...
  17. Yesterday thought I’d seen us play for the last time, so I’ll be going to this
  18. Rudy

    Take Over

    Touch of class from Bury as well, really gutted for them
  19. Rudy

    Michael James

    Think he deserves a pint or two
  20. Rudy

    Take Over

    Late to the party but I’m absolutely ecstatic. Can’t quite believe it what a rollercoaster
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