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  1. Roman numerals always did get a little hazy after Rocky V
  2. If you wear pyjamas outside that suggests to me they haven’t washed. Dirty bastards
  3. If I were to make a first IX of total twats but brilliant he’d be right up there
  4. Wouldn’t be an away trip to Madrid without getting twatted
  5. Our Maude would go fuckin spare if I bought home a 65 inch tv
  6. Not like they’ve got work in the morning
  7. I like when Carragher shits himself from Souness and Keane
  8. FWIW Raiola is a mercenary charlatan who should be banned from the game.
  9. Martin Tyler is the worst. If someone scores against United he may as well say nothing. If they score he’s close to knocking one out.
  10. Next round of PL and CL games that are up for auction on TV Amazon are going for it.
  11. Might want to hang fire until closer to the Euros, always offers on tvs around major tournaments
  12. A dvd library to add to the 30 films he’s seen. Whats the going rate for a Russian bride these days?
  13. I’m just thinking of all the things you could spend £2k on and get more enjoyment than sky tv.
  14. The hierarchy seem fairly confident it’ll be thrown out by CAS, and if necessary will go to the highest court in the land.
  15. As a business yes it’s great, I don’t think they’ll compete for the league whilst he stays in charge though which I don’t think bothers Kroneke as long as he’s making money.
  16. Arsenal have the highest ticket prices and spend fuck all.
  17. There’s usually a big giant white flag carried by the defence
  18. Rudy

    Wycombe (H)

    This is not the time or place for facts
  19. Contracted to the club for the next four years at least
  20. Started as a fitness/defence coach, then fitness analyst, now fitness researcher. Mainly based at the club and training ground but travel around the UK and Europe occasionally looking at new fitness techniques before reporting back. A lot of the staff are contracted to the club and were before here ADUG. We have less staff then any of the ‘big’ clubs, which is due to the current regime wanting a smaller back room staff who he’s used in the past, and he has inherited staff that were here before him the back room wage budget is smaller, and other clubs pay a lot more than City. The playing staff may be payed more which is where I assume the problems have arisen.
  21. I’m so so annoyed. The goal for the staff from the top to the bottom was work to establishing City as a European Heavyweight, not winning it but to create a winning formula. I amongst others have worked so hard sacrifices so much. I’m literally away from my family now prepping to watch Madrid this weekend ready to report back for the Real Madrid champions league game. it feels like a lot of work for nothing.
  22. The hypocrisy is absolutely astounding. For years teams like Real PSG United Chelsea pissed away millions and competed at this level. Real literally got bailed out by the king of Spain. Yea I’m bias because they’re my employers but this is my livelihood. Me and hundreds of staff work damn hard to ensure we delivery the best we can across the board and it isn’t just the brand of City who’s being punished so are we. we work around the clock make sacrifices to our family’s and travel all over the world to become a competitive football team. No one will see the work that’s put in behind the scenes to achieve the goal we have been set. Absolute joke of a decision.
  23. We’ve all had shit Ref performances. If they go down it’s not because of Jon Moss. Deal with it.
  24. Then that one bint spoiled it all
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