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  1. There must be a text about Hancock’s massive FOD
  2. If that’s the case get well soon HW
  3. Time you enjoyed wasting was not wasted
  4. Yeah he is I’ve met him, he’s like Brad Pitt but sexier
  5. Stick it in a cave and see what happens around Easter
  6. *Just seeing if I can still post new topics #GONZOFORMOD
  7. Organise my nude pics from blondie into order of rating
  8. Rudy

    Boo Boys

    If I’m totally honest if people want it to stop or boo or not go to their seat then go ahead that’s their choice and their opinion I can’t help but feel as a black lad and a wanderer a little disappointed to be fighting so hard to explain why booing and ending kneeling because people are sick of it against fellow wanderers. I genuinely feel sad about it. Im done talking about it,I’m not going to post anymore. I’m not the spokesman for equality I’m just someone who has been and is affected by racism in sport and in life
  9. Rudy

    Boo Boys

    But it’s not an individual gesture, it’s after every game in high profile games a black sportsman is getting abuse BLM isn’t a representation of players kneeling George Floyd being killed wasn't the reason it was the tipping point, it wasn’t a bandwagon it was a ripple effect that in this day and age it’s still happening. If you think you don’t want to go back to those days because it spoiled the game then what do you think the black players being abused feel like. It should be uncomfortable, but I guarantee you that feeling is nothing compared to what these players are goi
  10. It’ll be independent considering no streaming logo was on it looking forward to it though
  11. I’m telling you he’s in the Cayman Islands spending the WWays dollar. Wait until the end of the month when casino’s and Carlitos cheque bounces, it’ll be anarchy
  12. Rudy

    Boo Boys

    Which I wholeheartedly support, but if I’m not mistaken black soldiers served, as well as wind rush as a result of WW2, so we honour the dead because they died for our freedom and rightly so but people decide that this is enough and we should just get on it. Now before anyone jumps on it and says they’re not the same yes I understand that and not trying to say they are, my point is black players are targeted for abuse because of the colour of their skin but they should just have to get on with it. They want equality and are making a peaceful protest to highlight the problem so why do
  13. Rudy

    Boo Boys

    Genuine question, not a justification of why it happens but is a poppy on the shirt political?
  14. 30 point deduction in the future.
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