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  1. Good PR the help back to work scheme after a stint in GERMANY
  2. Get hydrated or you’ll cramp like fuck tonight
  3. The stadium is getting a long overdue lick of paint I assume it’s little whitt on the job
  4. How has he got this far as a professional footballer
  5. Gonna be hotter than the sun today I reckon blondies boob sweat could hydrate a small Ethiopian village today
  6. I remember someone telling him what to do and he still managed to fuck one up.
  7. Hotter than a smack heads spoon
  8. Right bollocks on the line Where will wanderers finish the season No long drawn out posts a simple league position prediction 5th
  9. Rudy


    Lancs cricket ground last night makes me agree, 20k+ no masks no social distancing, no checking in felt like back to normality
  10. Aye as soon as they stopped the drugs and shaved is when I bailed out. I think On Call was the turning point to mainstream and they’re never going back
  11. Depends which one and severity of the fracture. Usually wouldn’t be back training for at least a month
  12. That is one fuckin bizarre album and such a strange direction to go, they’re famed For their great choruses and melodies, it had nothing What pissed me off more is radio 1, nme, and a load of other smoke blowers were banging on about it. I wish someone would come out and go yeah it’s not great
  13. If Nike and Adidas have one of their main guys out it’ll be pressure to cancel it
  14. Yeah it was superb. The Pakistani fans made the atmosphere, they did not shut up felt great to be at a live event just as a fan
  15. Still time for it to be binned yet
  16. Get on the oramorph and send me some whilst you’re at it
  17. If he’s guilty then I’ll throw the cunt into my volcano but I’m not having trial by social media potentially ruining a mans life let the facts come out before we dust off the pitchforks
  18. Decent? Some high standards you have there BB 😂 I love combat rock FWIW
  19. Villains was worse. Mark ronson can get to fuck Saw a interview with Lars Ulrich talking about st anger it was brilliant, hilarious, and quite sad really. U2 achtung baby and Joshua tree anything after that my chickens have shat out better
  20. This is why we work cheers my luv
  21. Rudy


    Mines tiny. Like that little grape on a bunch
  22. Michael Jackson - Invincible Big bag of bollocks
  23. Rudy


    Fuckin waiting list at the moment TMGJ
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