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  1. They’ll recognise the cockney accents
  2. I’d imagine the OB won’t let them get close to the hotel or stadium this time
  3. I used to sell L&B at school because I didn’t get ID’d at China wines. One day I sold Camel cigs not sure why but I had everyone sounding like Dot Cotton
  4. It’s a no brainer Vegas are shooting themselves in the foot, MGM quoted top rank and matchroom over £20m for venue hire, Nevada now has an increased tax for sporting events. Saudi the venues are cheaper, there’s some sort of lower tax clause, boxers get more money, tv companies get cheaper deals. They’re talking about Fury Joshua being a £150m fight
  5. Rudy


    Fuckin love the guy. Goes about his business, puts a shift in, everything he does is just steady. First game I saw him I thought, right we mean business now. Top player
  6. Fiona Bruce has nothing on you
  7. I’ll have a read on the throne later cheers mate
  8. Word on the playground is BJS got $8m
  9. I’ll check in with you next time to see if it’s ok to post Mr Gambaccini
  10. Anyone care to give me the cliff note break down of the beef between these two because I literally have no idea about their history or cause they’re fighting for
  11. Had a problem with me posting rage against the machine the other day
  12. Only if he says oasis are better than blur
  13. Modern day Saints the lot of them @kent_white @bolton_blondie pint and a pack of bacon fries on me when we can 😘
  14. Just seen a YouTuber Logan Paul is gonna be fighting Mayweather Arguably the greatest boxer of all time with a perfect 50-0 record against a lad with one boxing match under his belt that he lost to another YouTuber
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