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  1. I think IE will see the way we start, high tempo L, fast interchange might not be the best tactic, it leaves us so open to the counter, Gillingham did it time and time again, I think we need to grow into games. 

    Almost Homer Simpson them when he was a boxer let them chase shadows and be fitter than them. 

  2. 50 minutes ago, tomski said:

    He’s a ww hero to some on here. He’s a pathetic biased rag who barely held the tears back. Great stuff. 

    Shit tashe cunt

    Martin Tyler, get in the volcano.

  3. 1 hour ago, jules_darby said:

    But they are when it’s like that every week, and our shots on target is always really low. The reality is that despite the possession we don’t create that much

    I think that may change post Xmas but it’s where we are right now 


    44 minutes ago, Johnnyrotten said:

    Agree totally.  I think, whilst digesting another defeat before we scored, I was taking comfort in the fact that it was the first game in ages when we looked like we might score.  But our achilles heal remains our lack of scorers, and obviously losing Sarcevic makes us even lighter, and the fact that if Dapo doesn't fire in a 20 yarder we don't score.  I was a bit more encouraged in the last half hour yesterday, but still a long way to go.  And great to see Lee now looking like he could potentially be the 10 goal a season midfielder we hoped he was.


    27 minutes ago, JimmyRiddle said:

    Pretty much where I'm at ⬆️

    We created 22 chances yesterday 

    9 shots on target.

    22 aerial battles they won to our 15

    10 Gillingham interceptions to our 3

    85 duels yesterday

    we won 40, Gillingham won 45

    Thats the problem. One on one battles, second balls.

    Look at the goals we conceded, not clearing our lines and not winning the second balls. 

    The problem isn’t the creativity, I keep saying this, we can score goals but clean sheets are what’s hurting us. 

    Make yourself hard to beat, rule no.1


    All tweaks that can and IE will make.
    There’s a reason BWFC have recruited an analyst. 

  4. 4 minutes ago, Mounts Kipper said:

    Hope scousers ease off otherwise they’ll sack Ole. 

    My thoughts exactly. They can’t sack him after this they won’t give Liverpool the satisfaction.

    Martin Tyler makes me fuckin sick

  5. 4 minutes ago, Youri McAnespie said:

    And, what a total shock...

    Both breweries are merged and under the grasping zionist umbrella of Global Mega Corpo Spezzabrew (AB/Inbev).


    My uncle used to brew Stout in his workshop, they've probably 'bought him out' too (as in sent hired goons around to smash up his set up).

    My owd fella has had two attempts at making his own beer one tasted so sour, the other exploded and blew the windows out of his shed and me mams greenhouse. 
    He just makes wine now. I’ll drop you a bottle off

  6. 2 minutes ago, Youri McAnespie said:

    Although available in Tenerife, Tropical is Gran Canaria's beer, Dorada (which is also available in Gran Canaria) is Tenerife's beer...

    Mounts will be on Watney's Red Barrel or Carling 'Premier' with a bastardised 'full English' which include chips AND hash browns with Super Sunday on one telly and that episode of OFAH were Delboy and Trigger go to that wine bar on the pull.

    Dorada that’s the fella. All inc to Tenerife it was self serve on draft beers, tropical dorada and mahou. Would love to know how much I consumed in two weeks.

    I discovered a bar in Manchester a few weeks ago that served Mahou on draft. But I was that Oliver Twist I can’t now remember the bar. 

  7. 1 hour ago, RONNIE PHILLIPS said:

    Fans don't give a fuck, they park their principles at the turnstiles for a shot at glory & why shouldn't they? Everyone else in football sells their soul to the devil for the big buck, not least the players. 

    This is out of context what Arry was originally saying but it applies here 

    “You go in and start winning football matches, they could take Saddam Hussein in there, they don’t give a monkeys do they.

    “If you start winning every week they’ll be signing ‘there’s only one Saddam’.”

  8. 2 minutes ago, radcliffe white said:

    Isgrove was getting a hard time by some he worked his bollocks off just his delivery let him down

    Imagine jones having the amount of crosses isgrove had but that’s our luck with injuries atm 

    He had to work even harder with having Kachunga on his wing. We looked better when Dapo swapped

  9. 3 minutes ago, radcliffe white said:

    Totally agree

    football is so frustrating and let’s be honest the good folk of bolton are hard to please

    But when you think it wasn’t long ago we was bossing Sunderland/sheff weds & charlton it’s suddenly taken a turn

    but yes it’s a marathon and you can suddenly jump up with a few results 

    Anything below the championship and all you need is a good quarter to fire you up the league, considering our luck with injuries at the moment I’d say we were about right. 
    IE can see Gordon and Brockbank aren’t good enough to start so he changed what he needed to change.

    FWIW Isgrove was almost a right winger yesterday. Needs to work on those deliveries from that position but again it’s just tweaks to be made.

    We we’re all concerned about the mood in the camp after Friday but 2-0 to get a draw and almost a win shows that the camp is good and are willing to fight for the club and manager

    It’ll be reet

  10. 1 minute ago, radcliffe white said:

    So long as it’s just moaning & whinging and nothing more supporters pay their money and rightly so can have a moan 

    Absolutely. I just hate the negativity that creeps in when I don’t think it’s warranted. A lot of it is down to patience. 
    People were calling for his head in October last year. 
    It’s a process and I can’t think of a better manager out there that we could get that would do a better job than IE is doing right now.

    It’s a marathon. 

  11. 42 minutes ago, Arrested development said:

    Bolton being shit at corners is not an Evatt issue . It's been going on for years. Other than Allardyce I can't remember a manager that has had us being decent at corners. 

    2% of goals come directly from corners.

    11 minutes ago, jules_darby said:

    I don’t think it’s bad at all

    And I’m still firmly behind Evatt

    I think a few tweaks would still see us improve though 

    That’s football in fact that’s sport. Tweaking minor things to improve. Done at every level. 

    Kneejerk reactions and toys out of the pram from some supporters isn’t warranted at all. 

  12. 5 minutes ago, Not in Crawley said:

    Bollocks. You don't just like a manager because they are better than the previous shite.

    That's the definition of short sighted.

    He really isn't it the company you ate holding him in.

    Where did I say I did that’s the reason to like him?

    Evatt won us promotion with an attractive style of football. 

    The players are all playing for him 

    The previous managers were lifeless, no plan b, sometimes no plan a deluded out of touch managers. Most lost touch with the fans, lost the dressing room. 

    If you don’t think Evatt is up their with our successful managers then I won’t bother trying to change your mind. 


  13. Sammy Lee

    Gary Megson

    Owen Coyle

    Dougie Freedman

    Neil Lennon

    Keith Hill


    Anyone question Ian Evatt should remember the shower of shite that preceded him and remember how wank the football was before him. 

    Evatt gets held in the same conversation as Rioch, Todd , Big Sam. 

    Don’t be so short sighted and respect the man

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