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  1. If I’m totally honest if people want it to stop or boo or not go to their seat then go ahead that’s their choice and their opinion

    I can’t help but feel as a black lad and a wanderer a little disappointed to be fighting so hard to explain why booing and ending kneeling because people are sick of it  against fellow wanderers. 

    I genuinely feel sad about it. 

    Im done talking about it,I’m not going to post anymore.

     I’m not the spokesman for equality I’m just someone who has been and is affected by racism in sport and in life 

  2. 19 minutes ago, Tonge moor green jacket said:

    I think you've not getting the point being made. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, no one on here is being critical because of the colour or back ground of any player.

    Every single one will wholly back efforts that we've seen before, kick it out etc.

    Specifically, folk are unhappy with the whole George Floyd/blm aspect. For me, seeing posters of an evil, crime ridden cunt from thousands of miles away does the whole equality movement a massive disservice. Yes, he was murdered by a police man, but justice has now been served.

    For some reason, we saw thousands across the world jumping on the blm bandwagon, protestors attacking anyone and everyone in their path, irrespective of their colour or race. We've seen that stupid woman racially abusing another black man.

    This has undermined previous efforts, and you're now seeing a reaction to that.

    Years ago, we regularly heard chants wholly of a racist nature aimed at black players. It used to really piss me off and spoil the game- it was an uncomfortable experience.

    Thankfully, those days are essentially gone, and if some individual cunt makes a gesture or comment along those lines, they're reported/caught on cctv and death with.

    Huge progress has been made, and efforts are still required, but blm and taking the knee quite simply aren't for me- they actually remind me of those bygone days that I don't want to revisit.


    But it’s not an individual gesture, it’s after every game in high profile games a black sportsman is getting abuse 

    BLM isn’t a representation of players kneeling

    George Floyd being killed wasn't the reason it was the tipping point, it wasn’t a bandwagon it was a ripple effect that in this day and age it’s still happening.

    If you think you don’t want to go back to those days because it spoiled the game then what do you think the black players being abused feel like. 
    It should  be uncomfortable, but I guarantee you that feeling is nothing compared to what these players are going through. 
    The point of kneeling is to stand a stand against it. Booing just shows that the issue isn’t being taken seriously enough because people are sick of it

    Im glad people are sick of it, I hope they keep the courage up to keep kneeling whilst the booing carries on, showing a strong spirit that won’t be broken because people are sick of it 


  3. 24 minutes ago, Winchester White said:

    Is Happy not back from the Algarve yet?

    I’m telling you he’s in the Cayman Islands spending the WWays dollar.

    Wait until the end of the month when casino’s and Carlitos cheque bounces, it’ll be anarchy

  4. 17 minutes ago, Tonge moor green jacket said:

    Certainly not.

    An annual commemoration of those lost in conflict, and fund raiser for those ex soldiers requiring assistance from the Royal British Legion. 


    10 minutes ago, Traf said:

    Only to those who want it to be, to suit their agenda.

    It's to respect the dead and the sacrifices they made.

    Which I wholeheartedly support, but if I’m not mistaken black soldiers served, as well as wind rush as a result of WW2, so we honour the dead because they died for our freedom and rightly so but people decide that this is enough and we should just get on it.

    Now before anyone jumps on it and says they’re not the same yes I understand that and not trying to say they are, my point is black players are targeted for abuse because of the colour of their skin but they should just have to get on with it.

    They want equality and are making a peaceful protest to highlight the problem so why does that not get the respect across the board , why do the players not get the respect? Why are they told to get on with it, tired of it now, just want to watch the match. 

    Why is their cause for equality booed and  subject to ignorance because people are sick to death of it

    You know who else are sick to death of it? Black people. 
    Sick of having to defend why they fighting for a  for a cause, sick of explaining why they are still kneeling, sick of playing in a sport where they will be abused because of the colour of their skin.

    Im sick to death of this subject but that doesn’t mean it will go away. 

    I have children now and they’re young but I would feel sick to my stomach at them watching sport and people booing their right for equality because of the colour of their skin.

    Sick of it appearing in sport. Try being sick of worrying about being abused because of the colour of your skin.

    Traf TMGJ this isn’t directed at you and I hope you don’t think it is . I’ve just had enough of discussing it and trying to explain to people why kneeling is still going on. 

  5. 39 minutes ago, DazBob said:

    I also don't get this "keep politics out of football" guff.

    Standing up (or kneeling) against racism isn't political.

    Still, if someone would rather stand there and boo the players doing it, or indeed choose not to go to their seat until the ref's whistle has blown to signify its end then that's their choice. I've given up trying to understand that viewpoint.

    Genuine question, not a justification of why it happens but is a poppy on the shirt political?

  6. 38 minutes ago, Sweep said:

    I once went out with a bird who had nipples like Tunnocks teacakes

    I got reminded of my responsibilities and professionalism after someone overheard me saying “I reckon she’s got nipples like caramac buttons” 

    I was right 

  7. 6 minutes ago, Traf said:

    And that's what pisses people in my industry off.

    First sign of good weather in this country and the beaches are rammed. People from the top 10 covid areas (all in NW!) can just toddle off to a packed beach.

    Yet, you can't go and sit on a virtually isolated one overseas without jumping through a series of fucking hoops!

    Get this for a week away...

    Day 1/2/3 PCR-test
    Day 4 Fly out for a week holiday
    Day 8/9/10 Covid test in resort (can be PCR, LAMP, LFT)
    Day 11 Fly home
    Day 13 PCR test (the day 2 test)
    Day 16 PCR Test to Release if you want to end quarantine early
    Day 19 PCR test (the day 8 test)
    Day 21 last day of quarantine
    Day 22 you can go out/to work etc

    Now I fully understand the first test, that's to get you into a foreign country, that's fair
    And the same again in resort, so you can come home.

    If you come home with a negative result, you test again on your 2nd full day home.
    If that's also negative, why the fuck are we isolating for another 8 days?

    If you pay the extra to do the day 5 test to release and it's negative, you're free to go out etc BUT you still have have the day 8 test : WHY?

    If the day 8 test is negative, you still have to complete isolation, despite having at least 4 negative tests : WHY?

    My mate and his Mrs are in a predicament that really just doesn’t make sense, to go to a wedding abroad they would have to jump through so many hoops that would mean it would be touch and go whether they could be home in time for returning to work when really they should have 5 days left 

    3 minutes ago, bolton_blondie said:

    Do owt for 9 months off me pal. 


  8. 3 minutes ago, gonzo said:

    There’s folk who’ve had two jabs being told to isolate.  

    Fuck that 

    Friday I’m off I’m taking the kids to the beach

    I’ll social distance but that’s it, can’t go abroad, now can’t leave the county, bollocks time to crack on

  9. Just now, Mr Grey said:

    I'm calm, I have to be, it's part of the remit in my work.

    Telling another person to not waste their time on an opinion of mine implies otherwise.


    No it doesn’t 

    It implies telling someone not to bother because we’re going around in circles 

    If I ever thought that which I don’t I wouldn’t give you the time of day let alone played in your football team for so many years 

    You have your view I have mine 

  10. 37 minutes ago, Dr. Feelgood said:

    Would you see him as a RW or a #10 or elsewhere ?

    ... &, you would know more than most, how certain is it that he'll return properly recovered physically as well as mentally ?

    I'm hoping everything is positive but let's not forget, he's not had a real first team season with us yet. 


    ps. I know the recovery questions are impossible to answer.

    Without knowing the full SP it’s hard to tell but the recovery now is a million miles better than even 10 years ago. He’s young so his tendons and ligaments can still get stronger so his agility won’t be affected. Needs a bit of mental strength now to put it to the back of his mind 

  11. 3 minutes ago, Mr Grey said:

    Wow, so you are implying I'm racist.

    I work in a college in Manchester, 3600 students, probably the most diverse college in the North of England, all this week I'm mopping up exams (internally and TAG's). Those that have missed them through illness, self-isolation and other domestic issues, they are of all colours and different cultures and I treat them equally and have a lot of sympathy for the majority due to the lockdowns through the last 2 academic years, some are an absolute pain in the arse and entitled as fuck, but they are all treated equal.

    I don't need any millionaire footballers and the current England manager to educate me about racism, if I have an opinion of I don't want to mix politics and football, its not because I'm racist.

    If you and @cheese want to form a little mob, that's fine by me, you crack on.

    Not implying anything so calm yourself 

  12. 1 hour ago, bolton_blondie said:

    The only thing we are struggling with is staffing! People with kids in their teens/20s having to isolate because they are covid+

    All these preggo nurses having dirty weekends away getting up the spout and going off sitting on their arses for a year 

  13. 7 hours ago, Mounts Kipper said:

    Correct. This is getting mentalist now, still folk saying give it a few more weeks. Get to fuck. 

    Yep I agree. NHS isn’t going to be overwhelmed, people aren’t dying in the hundreds, a few more weeks is going to change the square root of fuck all. Time to crack on now 

  14. 8 minutes ago, Cheese said:

    "Sick to death" of a 5-second Anti-Racism gesture before a match kicks off? "Sick to death"

    Witnessing a peaceful gesture for 5 seconds a week, or spending an entire career hearing irrational abuse directed at you because of the colour of your skin...? I know what would make me more "sick to death".

    Save it Cheese honestly you're wasting your time 

  15. 30 minutes ago, Winchester White said:

    That is brilliant 

    I have never believed that we should just stick to football.” 

    “It’s their duty to continue to interact with the public on matters such as equality, inclusivity and racial injustice, while using the power of their voices to help put debates on the table, raise awareness and educate.”

  16. 9 minutes ago, Tonge moor green jacket said:

    Great idea, like the old days with beacons all over on top of the hills. Light them on the 21st to celebrate end of restrictions, and the longest day. Keep the druids happy too.

    What about pride TMGJ? All flames matter 

    6 minutes ago, crawshawbooth said:

    its ok you lot taking the piss 

    what about that "big" lass in Victoria square that is tooooo scared to leave her house

    what wiv this Indian covid

    sorry DELTA  , innit bro

    Thoughts and prayers 

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