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  1. Looking forward to tomorrow, doors open at 3:30 cannee wait
  2. Rudy


    I was in shock. Gonna call deportation on the fucker
  3. Rudy


    These anti vaxxers are getting out of control been told at work whilst we are indoors we want masks to be worn The security guard has said he doesn’t have to and he can’t be made to do so, I told him look the people who pay your wages Said you have to do so do it, if you argue it They’ll turn around and ask if you’ve had your jab or declined it This morning I’m off work but needed to drop some stuff off so took my newborn with me in his car carrier, I get in the building security guard makes a beeline For me jabs me twice in the chest and tells me I’m fuckin wrong about vaccines whi
  4. Out of order banning dogs
  5. You’re assuming their race you racist
  6. Rudy


    He’s an odd un owd Bob My grandad is a fan and we was very underwhelmed when he saw him
  7. Reckon I lost 8lbs in sweat last night
  8. I’ll throw the cunt in a volcano at this rate
  9. Max moved out to give space, didnt back out Lewis saw the space didnt back out Thats the racing we’ve been calling for
  10. Racing incident and Max is far too aggressive into that turn fuck him
  11. Some going from England’s spinners today Tuesday is set up brilliantly
  12. Christian Horner will get home and volley Geri in the cunt
  13. Not been in for many years but used to sup that when I went in, fuck me I have no idea what they put in it but I’ve lost some memory to that fucker
  14. We’re all gonna die
  15. Rudy


    Country is ran by some of the most incompetent insufferable bumbling hypocritical morons you are ever likely to find on allahs green earth and what is even more laughable is there is no credible opposition anywhere close to the capital
  16. I can’t wait for your autobiography
  17. When I am mod you will be the first one to the wall
  18. Don’t know too much about him
  19. Rudy


    Lockdown unless you’ve been vaccinated no furlough no handouts if youve had the choice to be vaccinated and turned it down it must be for a genuine reason like pregnancy not because you believe some cunt on Facebook and who doesn’t trust it
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