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  1. It’s not a game boxing, someone is going to get hurt the way these boxing licenses are being handed out to youtubers
  2. Only happens to blur fans and homosexuals
  3. What are you military lot like eh
  4. Look at Tysons, from his pro debut in March 1985 to to winning the HW title against Berbick in November 1986, he had 28 fights. About 16 didn’t go beyond the 1st round but still
  5. They won’t price themselves out of it, people will just go to the pub
  6. Rudy

    Matt Gilks

    Gilks has been brilliant and will be unlucky if he doesn’t win POTY but bet your bollocks to a barn dance a GK will be the top priority. Perhaps Jensen
  7. Who said he was? Im just not having a band being called shit by someone who defines cannibal cunting corpse as music
  8. Youri. “Prepare to witness a place of gore Of legal disection and blood on the floor Carved up corpses, in the corner Sliced up by a psychotic coroner Slice, dice, chop them haphazardly Like laboratory mice, splatter brain matter Pound on the skull until it shatters” Enough said
  9. But what the people really want is cannibal corpse ‘95 at the dog and partridge’
  10. HW boxing is risking becoming boring again. 10 months of hype for a 50 minute fight. Two promoters trying to tie up all the fights,belts eliminators for contender fights, silver belts. These boxing councils need to get tough on Boxers and promoters. If you haven’t signed a deal for a fight within 6 months of your last fight you vacate the belt.
  11. Yes but he wasn’t saying Beady eye were groundbreaking
  12. Bands who didn’t take a while to find their feet but hit the ground running, In my time Oasis, Arctic Monkeys
  13. Sales of rope at b&q have gone through the roof
  14. No way FV haven’t stuck money behind a bar until it ran dry
  15. He might be but IMO Blur aren’t close to oasis as a band and considering you class cannibal corpse as music I’m happy with my opinion ☺️
  16. Rubbish. Beetlebum, tender yeah but this is a man who wrote girls and boys, park life and country house he’s hardly Bob Dylan Did you use to write for The Viz?
  17. Correct mate. One lad had a coffin style backpack. He said to me that my soul was dirty. I said souls don’t exist. So he bought it off me for a £5 and a bottle of Mad Dog and are the piece of paper. Weird cunt Definitely maybe Whats the story Masterplan Be here now yeah I’m not having it but apart from that the rest of their albums are littered with fuckin belters. Dig out your soul album is quality and their best since The Masterplan. Watching them live was another a level. 50,000 people singing Champagne Supernova on a hot summers night all day in th
  18. What’s pissing is having an announcement for an announcement announce it when it’s signed sealed and delivered
  19. Has anyone checked on him?
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