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  1. Funnily enough she sells sanctuary is one of the first songs I remember hearing and I wanted to learn to play. Unfortunately my brother got the instrument genes
  2. The thing with Marr is he’s like Nile Rodgers, people want to replicate them and their sound but I’m not even sure they know how they’ve done it
  3. Metallica, Black Sabbath do they count? Or Marr, but let’s face it, who is?
  4. Better than fuckin up my ear drums or mental well being from listening to hitlers tampon
  5. I was disappointed he didn’t do it in Your Honour
  6. Did you just wring out a fanny rag?
  7. If you don’t like Oasis fair enough. I would say my music taste is quite diverse. Today I’ve had on Del Shannon, Ice Cube, Nirvana, Faithless, Nina Simone, Gypsy Kings, AJ Tracey, so I think I appreciate all types of music and open minded to try new music However after listening to some of the shite I have just tried Kreator, Cannibal corpse, etc I flat out refuse to EVER accept someone’s critique of music I love or any future opinion who listens to that as music. That should be used in Guantanamo and the label who allowed it to be released should be tried at The Hagu
  8. Had a ganglion in my hand, no balls told me to hit it with a book. Pissed up I grabbed the biggest book I could find, smashed it as hard as I could, ended up with a small fracture and a trapped nerve that had to be operated on because I couldn’t bend my middle finger. Learned whilst studying how to stitch, split my arm open replacing a clutch pedal so stitched it back myself. Did a good job.
  9. One of them had a face like a bashed crab
  10. I’ve watched 3 episodes, really good so far.
  11. Haha she’s a keeper mate mine were up at 7am. So I reckon I’ve had 2 hours sleep in 24 hours but all worth it
  12. Canelo knew what he did because he started showboating, the difference in BJS side of his face said it all
  13. I’ve just checked my Apple Watch. Seems I started walking home at 2:30 got home at 3:30 woke back up at 4:02 (boxing)
  14. That’s mega GK all the best to you all. @stevieb I was gonna say shame I didn’t meet you but I was that wankered I’m not sure if I did or not
  15. Nah it’ll be 11pm here, one of the sticking points was making sure it would be at a good hour for UK audience
  16. Should be looking up at championship players who haven’t been getting regular football.
  17. We should sponsor the winner of this
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