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  1. Goals in added time I’ll go to the number it’s scored so 45(3) injury time I’ll call 48 mins Im sure there will be some flaws 😂 If the second instance happens I’ll look at the scorer if that’s the same then I’ll split the winner between the 2
  2. How little I know about football? 😂 Only been involved in professional football for 12 years. Don't call me a twat again
  3. Juventus hit 2.4m average tv views Real & Barca 1.2m average Dortmund 1.2 Schlake 1.2 Bayern 1.9 Celtix 400k rangers 385k Their record for an old firm game is 1.4m Worldwide El Classico can hit 50M easy
  4. I guarantee there would be more people watching
  5. Outside of Glasgow who really gives a shiny shite about either of them even in the old firm? United play Liverpool and its a global event Celtic play Hearts who bats an eyelid? Rangers play Hibs, arsed They somehow think they’re one of the biggest teams in the world when they’re not. In today’s modern game worldwide fanBase is based on social media followers. Real Barca & United are giants on it and generate huge views and revenue without even kicking a ball
  6. Celtic? They wouldn’t make the top 20
  7. Me Mam didn’t employ someone because they said they didn’t like reggae music. She’d have no problem with this
  8. God put a smile upon your face - Coldplay Shiver - Coldplay You could be mine - Guns & Roses Lucky Star - Madonna
  9. At my work we have a scheme in which we can nominate a charity and the top brass will donate a sizeable donation to that cause every quarter. I’ve used nominations off people off here in the past but I wanted to open it a bit wider. I asked if I can save a years nominations and then at End of the season can I split it over a number of charities they said yes All you have to do is pick the time of our first goal each game Name Your charity In the event of a tie breaker pick a scorer as well No goal scorer and I’ll roll it over to the following week and the w
  10. Covid is more contagious, lingers in the air longer and the incubation period is significantly longer plus it kills a wider age range than flu
  11. My mate wore a jumper once into ikon, got told “sorry mate, too casual” His reply “casual? This is cashmere” He’ll never live that down
  12. Some Bars used to only let over 21s even though it was law that you had to be over 18, just the rules now Can you prove that you’ve been double jabbed? No. Tough shit. Im sure as shit football clubs wouldn’t object to it because if it did spike again as a result of huge crowds at football they would be playing behind closed doors again.
  13. Like murtaugh from lethal weapon
  14. It didn’t end, that was their campaign
  15. Dunno where she lives G/L at a guess
  16. You calling this man a liar? https://www.christianpost.com/trends/128-year-old-argentine-man-claims-to-be-adolf-hitler.html
  17. I know for as long as there have been theories there have been conspiracy theories Hitler is still alive JFK and the grassy knoll Roswell 9/11 These theories are easy to dismiss as absolute bollocks but recently there is an ever growing rumbling of not just conspiracy theories but propaganda. My Mrs lifelong friend is on an absolute crusade to push Covid propaganda and it’s ridiculous, at first I thought it was just Facebook chat but she’s just shown me her posts on Instagram Plandemic, sheeple, 5G, paedo ring coverups , resetting the economy.
  18. Begins with G, he’s black and is a peeping Tom but claims to be a window cleaner
  19. Divvy? yes old? how very dare you
  20. I always find home friendlies are a bit gash but I think I’ll walk down for the game on Saturday
  21. Can’t remember who? I can have a guess
  22. No it was another cock
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