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  1. You must be Jeff Bezos with your business mind and time travelling machine to the Coca Cola cup games
  2. Off you pop then. £13 a game.
  3. Never seen a Bond film that didn’t star Daniel Craig
  4. In laws live there said the road is shut off heard a load of noise about 4am terrible.
  5. When you’re down there do you ever see Doris’s mott? i know you don’t look wink wink Ever catch a whiff of scampi fries?
  6. Nah. Back to the subject of feet, not into them per se but they have to be nice. Can’t be seeing a woman in flip flops like she’s stood on a land mine
  7. What about a fella? Big purple headed yoghurt slinger that looks like a tripod?
  8. American size 8 that’s a uk 6
  9. And he’s still worth $200bn The Bald fuck
  10. Just to check on your mam
  11. Too many threads on here about politics, religion, bollocks so Rudy is bringing it back so the age old question Are you a tits, legs or arse man?
  12. Me waiting outside the divorce court
  13. I liked the Sopranos ending especially the second time I watched it. Breaking Bad, The Wire are the only two standouts what really ended well for me.
  14. @leigh white were you there?
  15. And look at the quality of players City have bought compared to United, it’s not investment, it’s their recruitment why they are falling behind
  16. Right religion. First off, I have no problem with the community side of it, the hope it can bring and the togetherness for families no issue whatsoever. That being said a few things that bother me. The bible, I think the bible is a book tales to set morals and not to be taken literally. Disregarding science, age of the earth, dinosaurs, evolution. Ridiculous. The Catholic Church run like a fuckin Mafia. Religious martyrs killing people to get to “paradise” Hypocrisy. It’s all nonsense. The world would be a better place without it.
  17. ESL was American arrogance taking over and they got it wrong. They can’t have it both ways. The glazers are a business empire, that’s how they run the club, it’s why they’re on the stock market, they don’t make the money from ticket sales they make it from shares, sponsorships and corporate deals. Man United have been a global corporation before the glazers, the fans don’t like their business model but they’re quiet about them when they’re winning things. They were top of the league early this season, no glazer protests then.
  18. I don’t seem to remember them protesting when they won the league under the glazers, they’re currently second in the league would they be protesting if they were a win away from winning the league. They’re now using the fallout from the ESL as a reason to protest against owners who have bankrolled them very well.
  19. Ive said it before but he’s just not good enough, he just can’t get enough out of that car. Norris would be a great fit in the Merc. I suspect Lewis will have a big say in who replaces him.
  20. Id catch it and cook it
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