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  1. These anti vaxxers are getting out of control been told at work whilst we are indoors we want masks to be worn 

    The security guard has said he doesn’t have to and he can’t be made to do so, I told him look the people who pay your wages Said you have to do so do it, if you argue it They’ll turn around and ask if you’ve had your jab or declined it

    This morning I’m off work but needed to drop some stuff off so took my newborn with me in his car carrier, I get in the building security guard makes a beeline For me jabs me twice in the chest and tells me I’m fuckin wrong about vaccines whilst properly in my face  , it shook us up a bit because I had my kid with me, told my boss that he needs telling, don’t think he’ll last the week 


  2. 7 minutes ago, Dimron said:

    It wasn't "live" as I expected and only lasted 50 mins! 

    It was the first showing of a music film called "Shadow Kingdom" where Dylan runs some classics with a band in an atmospheric Speakeasy, shot in moody black and white with the audience actually fagging it (unusual these days but the smoke gives more atmosphere).

    Was good but I felt short changed, didn't get it to work on my Samsung TV as Veeps publicised but I can watch it again for 48hrs so i can experiment.

    I'll probably never get to see Dylan live having missed out when I had a chance in the 70s and was hoping for an actual 100 minute live set.

    If it was world wide at $25 a shot someone is going to make a LOT of dosh


    He’s an odd un owd Bob

    My grandad is a fan and we was very underwhelmed when he saw him 

  3. 2 hours ago, Morizio said:

    Well I just tried to tag another user into this post and it just hangs.


    So I was going to put that Rudy's suggestion is far more appealing to me and gives me something to look forward to.

    I’ll throw the cunt in a volcano at this rate 

  4. 8 minutes ago, Winchester White said:

    It looked pretty harsh on Lewis with it being 10 seconds but it was a big crash for Max. Can't help but think the stewards are looking for blame rather than accept racing incidents happen. For example the previous race was a joke with the penalties on drivers for 50/50 blame IMO.

    Max moved out to give space, didnt back out 

    Lewis saw the space didnt back out

    Thats the racing we’ve been calling for 

  5. 1 hour ago, Zico said:

    Few pints of thatchers and the place was like a lively night down the green dragon in LOTR 



    1 hour ago, stevieb said:

    Not been in since we were in the prem and before I had kids. 

    Would sometimes go in for a pint after the game after being on lager all day and that'd be it. No recollection after that. 

    Barring the couple of times I woke up at Manchester Airport I always seemed to get back to manc. 

    It's a lot easier living in horwich now! 

    We having a reunion there?

  6. 1 hour ago, Biggish Dave said:

    Do they still sell that Thatchers rocket fuel in the Man & Scythe? Supped a few of them after the Peterborough promotion, was a mess that night

    Not been in for many years but used to sup that when I went in, fuck me I have no idea what they put in it but I’ve lost some memory to that fucker

  7. Country is ran by some of the most incompetent insufferable bumbling hypocritical morons you are ever likely to find on allahs green earth and what is even more laughable is there is no credible opposition anywhere close to the capital

  8. Lockdown unless you’ve been vaccinated 

    no furlough no handouts

    if youve had the choice to be vaccinated and turned it down it must be for a genuine reason like pregnancy not because you believe some cunt on Facebook and who doesn’t trust it 

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