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  1. One of my first away games. McAteer was exceptional that day.
  2. Watched a video earlier of the ash falling, scary stuff
  3. Rudy

    Euro 2020

    Alright alright stop reminding me! Captains Morgan’s went down a treat though 😁
  4. Rudy

    Euro 2020

    Been invited to St George’s park a few days before the double header friendlies in March and been told to make myself available that week and not to book any annual leave over summer. Slightly vague about the Euros but seems like I could be in for the friendlies at least.
  5. Rudy

    Keith Hill

    You can attack a lot of things at this football club and yes we have the odd moronic fan but one thing you can’t question is the fans of this club. The following we have at away games is brilliant even though we know we’re going down this season. Keep quiet Keef, you’ve got the longest pre-season to get ready for next season, then you really be under pressure to get us straight back up but you’ll still have the backing of the fans.
  6. Anyways before Arry, she was in the Tv Show Suits. Did she get her tits out in it before I waste my time binge watching it only to be disappointed.
  7. Thought this planet was supposed to be heating up, bloody freezing out there. Global warming my arse 💣
  8. This is a guy who as a British royal dressed as a Nazi to a party and smoked weed, something tells me nothing was drummed into him
  9. I’ll give them a swerve then. May the force be with you.
  10. Jules as a fellow Jedi, how are the latest Star Wars? Our Maude has never seen them so we watched the original three and she loved them and wants to watch the rest, do they get better after the jar jar binks era?
  11. Should’ve tried Pulp Fiction. If you don’t like that you need to have a serious word with yourself.
  12. Great songwriter terrible singer Mitch Mitchell, Jon Bonham & John Densmore for me
  13. Villa were and are absolutely abysmal. What they have spent £150m on I have no idea. If you play out from the back, you need to be good at it. They obviously aren’t because they’re in the bottom 3. They just didn’t learn their lesson today. I hope they go down.
  14. My dads mate lives in Blackpool and he’s referred to as being a donkey lashing fuckwit.
  15. From Diamonds to where BMW Williams used to be I’d either flatten the lot, or gut and rip out the lot. Theres an opportunity to have a strip of restaurants, bars, cafes, clubs. its a wasteland and bloody awful to look at it. On the plus side I took the sprog to Bolton library and the museum there is pretty good.
  16. I watched the video when it came out. Someone sent it me. I had forgotten about it until I watched the documentary. Didn’t know about the first two though.
  17. Rudy


    Abraham is very capable. Rashford is a wide man for me. If Ings keeps putting them away he would be a good option off the bench
  18. Top half plays an ad Bottom half is asking you to accept their terms and conditions Then you press something it asks you to participate in a survey. Oh fuck off.
  19. One of my favourite directors Tarantino but people’s opinions on this one put me off a little, but people said the same with the Hateful Eight but that’s a slow burner and I love it
  20. I saw the daily mail comparison pics yesterday. A picture of Kate with her hand on her bump and how it was lovely, identical picture of Meghan doing it and they say she’s vain Rags in this country are weird
  21. Fuckin hell there’s some lookers on there
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