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  1. There are a few clubs deluded by their size or previous achievements, Newcastle, Villa are right up there for it.
  2. Honestly couldn’t give a fuck about any of the Royal family Queen disappointed that Arry has stepped down Be nice to come out and say she’s disappointed in her nonce sex trafficking son. The lot of them can get to fuck
  3. Just couldn’t get into Dracula
  4. Fuck knows how you can do it after a certain age, the strain it has on ankles and knees must be horrific.
  5. Colleague just been signed off from work for 8 weeks after doing some damage to himself whilst doing fell running Right there is exercise and then there’s fell running. You need you’re bastard head testing if you’re into that.
  6. All the best Mounts, uncle had it done couple of years ago, he said after it, it wasn’t as bad as he had expected as long as you’re happy to sit on your arse for 6 weeks.
  7. Rudy

    Euro 2020

    I’m open to bribes
  8. So let me get this straight. More people died at yon mons funeral than by Iranian missile?
  9. Rudy

    Euro 2020

    Just applied to do be part of the fitness team at the England camp. Fingers crossed.
  10. I’ll be honest this will increase paparazzi. Stay out of Paris.
  11. Financially dependent? They gonna sign on until they get a job?
  12. Me too, them and weetabix sort me out 😁
  13. Shreddies are great for breakfast. Wholewheat and will keep you from snacking on Turkish delights you dirty scoundrels
  14. Imagine dying at someone else’s funeral ffs
  15. Don’t think you need to go to prison to get bummed. Just ask about mate you’ll find the one
  16. Hopefully he goes yeah your weapons aren’t as good as ours and this proves it now behave yourself
  17. As long as it’s weighed in lbs I can accommodate
  18. I genuinely hope so. It’s not even the potential war I’m too concerned about, it more of the attacks away from there the ones who want to send a message on British land.
  19. It’s like the earth is heating up. Bloody witchcraft Adder
  20. Of course. They’ve no excuse to finish below us. Fuck em I hope they do
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