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  1. Small victories and all that
  2. Terrorists all fall under the same bracket, Muslim, that Norwegian nut job, IRA, Oklahoma bomber, if you take innocent lives for your cause, political or some imaginary man in the sky, if convicted they should never see the light of day again. Reformed terrorist is bollocks, reform in your prison cell.
  3. Our dog must bring in a mouse vole or shrew once a week, he’s a Beagle and the woman we got him from said it’s one of their favourite things to do so reward him when he does it. Our Maude nearly faints every time 😁
  4. Rudy


    Giants at the MetLife blew my mind plus I saw them win which was a rarity
  5. Rudy


    More than the World Cup final?
  6. Rudy


    They call it the greatest spectacle in world sport. They can fuck right off.
  7. Rudy


    Jennifer Lopez and Shakira are doing the HT show. Fuck the football I’m hoping for a Janet Jackson moment
  8. Oi outside club shop next week me and thee. Yeah but it’s usually you and someone on the other side of the fence blaming some cunting polictician. 10 pages and 18731 emojis later and it’s like the other threads. Throw in a. Terrorist related footballer name and it’s deja vu
  9. Kin hell if we started a thread about badger shagging it would somehow turn into a politics shit show
  10. Be good if we could relegate Southend and they relegate us on the same game
  11. What about a separate prison for anyone convicted of terror offences. Once a month we have a battle royale style even tin the prison. Last one standing gets a life sentence in a prison. We could PPV it on YouTube. Charge for tickets to witness. @Traf could set up the fanzone.
  12. Hope not just ordered my kit for the second half of the season and I’ve not ordered Trackie pants
  13. Rudy


    He’s back stretching. 3 more weeks until light training I’m told
  14. @kent_white do you put carrots in it? 💣
  15. Alright fair enough it’s an interpretation I agree there. FWIW our Maude works for the NHS so it was in my best interest to vote leave based on What the leave party was promising, but as I’m a free thinker (😉eh Mounts) I concluded that it was bollocks and saw right through it. But not everyone can do that, they literally take what politicians say as gospel and both parties knew that. Theres no doubt in my mind that that message on the bus swung undecided voters, especially if you rely heavy on the NHS. The message was very murky and a bit naughty, and probably not legal but it d
  16. True, if I gave it to our Buddy I’d expect a shit in one of my slippers the next day.
  17. It’s implied that it will be spent on the NHS and they knew full well what they were doing with the message. Im not a sore loser, I accepted the result and accepted I bet on the wrong horse, my problem was and still is the tactics how both sides went about their campaign. If remain were to say hypothetically. “If we stay in the EU a shit load of money will be pumped into the NHS” I would have called bullshit as well.
  18. Mounts that bus, shouldn’t have happened it was a form of propaganda and it shouldn’t have been able to see the light of day. Even a Dotard like you can see that.
  19. Sorry Mr Moneybags but corned beef isn’t cheap
  20. You dirty bastard. I thought you were one of the good uns.
  21. Isn’t corned beef from Argentina? Isn’t that the Falklands was for? To eradicate this filth.
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