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  1. One of my favourite things to do. What’s your working pattern, could try and work it out Any marathons planned mate?
  2. Yeah you’re right about the Pineapple thing, there is a podcast I think it’s Kevin Campbell when he played with Pierre van Hooijdonk, he really got upset at that chant as well. I saw Frank Skinner live and he talked about it and a family member of Pierre threatened to sue Frank. Madness.
  3. Derek was dreadful. Afterlife is brilliant, funny honest but a bit melancholy.
  4. Romesh Nish Patel Shite. Gervais especially with Merchant is exceptional Gervais latest standup Humanity is so refreshing in such a modern pc sensitive world .
  5. Top class. I do like Gervais, and he’s got the balls to just say it and not care. The joke later on when introducing Sandra Bullock. “Our next presenter starred in Birdbox, a movie where you survived, by pretending like you don’t see a thing, sort of like working for Harvey Weinstein”
  6. Well Liverpool are right against racism, remember when they wore t-shirts supporting Luis Suarez who had just been accused of racism. Wonderful club.
  7. I feel for McLean despite him being a bit of a gobshite. The racism one is a weird on because who doesn’t have a player of different skin colour in their team.
  8. Henry Cavill would get the nod for next bond from me.
  9. Two positive signings. With Faals record someone was always going to take a punt I’m glad it’s us. What a story for the lad
  10. Yeah it’s not for me, 10 arrived at work today so I had a go. But at home that’s a very expensive clothes horse to have
  11. Yeah I think it’s the same there’s like a FaceTime trainer there with the online classes, very demolition man. Don’t have to leave home, doing it with a class, no risk of cars or potholes!
  12. Had a go on one of them Peloton bikes. You get on, connect to the WiFi, find a class and join a online fitness class on the screen meet the trainer and the rest of the class and do a cycle. It was good fun to do, then I looked at the price to get one at home. Fuck that
  13. That’s the one, there’s too much of a grey area. They should have implemented this season but not have it having an effect on the outcome of the game. So it just have been happening behind the scenes and worked it all out. I don’t think it’s being implemented correctly, they’re not using it for clear and obvious errors, and barring Michael Oliver they’re not using the monitor.
  14. Saw a great documentary on that, and then one of the chaps off top gear did a segment about it. Thoroughly entertaining time in motor sport. I’ll give the film a watch this week.
  15. I’d be interested to see how many calls last season were wrongly called or not called, or goals ruled because of incorrect offside calls. Dont think there would be many. Linesman in the PL are pretty spot on. They can’t get it right now, so then introducing further rules complicates it even more. Do they give a yard of tolerance? Does the entire body have to be out of line for it to be off, benefit of the doubt to the attacker? Does the flag go and stop play? If the attacker is off then the keeper saves it does the corner stand? They've opened the biggest can of worms going and
  16. Comedians in cars getting coffee. Just the ticket when you want something easy watching.
  17. Looks a bit red down under @bolty58
  18. Aren’t Al Shabaab affiliated to Al Qaeda?
  19. I’ve ripped off a solar panel off the neighbours roof, and stuck it on our maudes, I’ll report back. Yeah the guy who I asked was a generic salesman so kept referring to the onboard computer to tell me the range. Cheers pal
  20. Me either. Causing hysteria in social media isn’t good though. Where did I say you did, I was referring to the point that you just like most in this thread ignore things when there isn’t an answer. A lot of the time because there isn’t an answer. You fill that space with emojis though 😁
  21. So these electric batteries, do they decrease in range and power overtime? start off doing 250m and then a year down the line fully charge to 200m and drain quicker?
  22. Now now cmon you and MK both ignore things at times when you don’t have an answer
  23. I know. Who ever heard of one guy being killed and a world war starting.
  24. It shouldn’t decide offside. End of.
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