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  1. How you the fuck does that happen?
  2. How does it work though, don’t they need to be buried within 24 hours according to their religion, does that happen in these cases?
  3. It’s a guaranteed way to become a martyr though isn’t it if police kill him? Or so the mad bastards seem to believe. Killing folk for an imaginary man in the sky Fuckin nonsense. I hate religion. But that’s another thread.
  4. Makes you think is that why they do it so the old bill have no option but to shoot him.
  5. Saw a member of the public jump on the cunt to stop him, fair fucks to him, balls of steel to do that, seeing as it’s rumoured he had a snide explosives vest on.
  6. I mean I could say it’s not all about money but who in their right mind is turning that down
  7. Benitez is a great shout it really is, whether you like him or not he’s a great coach
  8. Nah they’re all wankers, except whoever gave me a gaviscon at Blackpool away after some shit cider, might have been Smiffs, or Gonzo
  9. Emery won a bit before Arsenal Ive said it for years, it’s not the manager, their defence has been shite for years, so mentally weak all over the park, absolutely no leaders? Emery appointed 3 captains this year. Madness.
  10. You can try now but I wouldn’t take any drastic measures until the temptations are out of way especially if you’re going to be exercising outside Get it prepped now, Make a plan and start slow and small, small gains long term benefits.
  11. I’ve heard it’s good but has its ups and downs
  12. Mean streets Taxi Driver Raging Bull Goodfellas The Departed Wolf of Wall Street The Irishman Casino The Aviator Cape Fear Show me a better Director than a Scorcese and I’ll show you a liar
  13. I’m biased because I work for them but honestly the work they are doing with Manchester City council to help less fortunate people, homeless, schools and charities, they’re really invested into the city and community and have already made big strides this isn’t to make a quick buck.
  14. I’ll give swampy a bell and chain the scruffy cunt to the 14th hole
  15. I live on regent road and they can get to fuck
  16. Rudy

    Away form...

    I drunkenly stuck £10 on Taylor ATGS & 1-3 66-1
  17. If anyone goes and have a look at the size of the continued operation and construction in and around the stadium and training grounds as well as the other affiliated teams across the world you’ll see that owners are going nowhere and are in it for the long haul
  18. Youri that’s the kid from Diversity
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