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  1. I’m sick of the divide in this country. If it’s not right the leavers gets the blame, if it is right the remainers will get told you were wrong. It’s so juvenile and pathetic. We’re becoming like the yanks with their two pathetic parties. It’s done we’re out and we voted for it. Time to crack on and fucking shut up, present company included. The Irony of The United Kingdom.
  2. Our Maude showed me a status on Facebook “so if where not in Europe, what consonent are we in”
  3. Heard they’re being rounded up to be dropped off the cliffs of Dover
  4. What about his own excrement?
  5. I think he needs judging on next season, but he can’t let too much damage happen this season. I’m my professional opinion the basics aren’t being done on the training pitch but he may need to get his own players in place
  6. To be fair from the coaching I’ve seen our players have, dealing with the simplest things, I would question Keith’s footballing brain.
  7. Townhall steps should be busy about now
  8. Did a 5m in a pair of Nike Vaporflys today. My word they are comfy.
  9. I’d like to think I’m a good judge of youth when it comes to footballers, Zouma just has it, he reads the game well, is calm he can go on to be a top player for us, needs the right coaches around him but the fundamentals are there.
  10. Oldham fan at my work says they’ve partly themselves to blame with them not allowing the ground share with the egg chuckers, which would have brought in a bit more revenue but they refused to because it would have ruined the pitch.
  11. If Traf frequents the in and out thread he’ll already know
  12. We might all be dead before we win another game
  13. She’s a really good kid, she doesn’t deserve punishing
  14. Lost on me that BD. I pick up bibs and lay out cones
  15. 1.3 Billion so a while. Might be back in the Prem by then.
  16. I’ve worked with Kean Bryan for a couple of years, good pro and a decent lad. Not seen him in the past 2/3 years but I’m happy with that signing.
  17. If Mourinho doesn’t like you you’re out
  18. @Escobarp can’t make it. Our Maude is on nights and I’ve got the sprog
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