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  1. Occasionally would show tits on Tarrant on TV if you were lucky
  2. Excellent work Agent Z. I think you need a partner though, a tango to your cash, a turner to your hooch, a hall to your oats.
  3. Once upon a time in Hollywood I was very underwhelmed. Visually it’s superb, the dialogue is exceptional as it always is with Tarantino but I just felt the story was a bit poor, there’s no real direction and so much stuff not necessary to it, and a bit patchwork at times. Not my favourite Tarantino by any stretch, maybe it needs a second watch. Wouldn’t surprise me if it goes and picks up Best picture at the Oscars though.
  4. Fuckin tickled me that. 4 more years of this please
  5. Does anything look more suss than a man in a park at night in the dark wearing sunglasses?
  6. The thought of Biden vs Trump debating would be like a Fast Show sketch
  7. This whole Woodward saga is just the latest reason why I despise Man United. 20 years they dominated English football, the most decorated club, they reached levels of success 95% of clubs never will. They brought in LVG and Mourinho who between them won a Europa League, League Cup and FA Cup. They have no financial worries, still arguably the biggest club in the world and at a time where the tide has changed and Citeh and Liverpool are the best teams in the land they still have the one of the biggest attendances in Europe. Chanting for Woodward to die, and turning up at his
  8. Rejecting that you cheeky bastards
  9. Rejected. Re fuckin jected. It’s £85m. Madness.
  10. It’s not that I’m squeamish it’s just fuckin Gonzo, squeamish I’m ok with, some dirty bastard eating a live frog whilst ripping it apart is just wrong
  11. I don’t even want to know what that is and I’m damn sure not clicking play
  12. Can we get an update on the outfit this week
  13. Rudy

    Keith Hill

    The longer this season goes on the more fans are gonna get pissed off with KH and his tactics and at the end of it nothing really changes in terms of what league we’re gonna be in next season. The problem is going into a new season with fans annoyed and the dressing room being lost which is a dangerous precedent to set. I hate to say it but KH does remind me of Coyle, organisation is poor, there is absolutely no plan B, substitutions at times are bizarre and he spouts utter shite in his interviews. Jury is out for me.
  14. Honestly couldn’t care less about HS2 it’s not like it’s going to be affordable to the man in the street. Fuck it off and invest in our shoddy shoddy rail network
  15. The refs aren’t gonna be better next season
  16. Would love to see a Hill training session
  17. Think this is the worst Bolton Wanderers side I have ever seen.
  18. Positive move and one that I think will be beneficial for both sides
  19. Will 5g tell me if that’s Lindsay Lohan taking it up the shitter in that video that’s doing the rounds ?
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