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  1. Yeah his decisions at times have me scratching my head
  2. When you work on playing without the ball, it’s about shape, communication, when to go when to stay, when to press when to drop off, that all goes out of the cunting window when we go down to ten bastard men
  3. Out of the loop what is this straightener fight?
  4. I’ll give some middle ground. what he sets out to achieve, he does and I admire that about him. His morals and Values make him a massive cunt, and he’s got shit hair.
  5. Had a drive of our Maudes new electric Volvo. I’m sold. Wanna get a new car this year, need to get a charging point installed so might as well go down the electric route as well. Been having a look and seen a few. Fairly spacious room enough for two car seats going forward and the dog and golf clubs in the back 😁. Only really drive to Manchester. Looked at the Mustang Mach E. £40k. 280miles on one charge, 10 min charge for 50 miles. No tax no petrol. Any better deals out there?
  6. Haha ain’t we all mate. To make it better, I came out of the Bob smithy and I saw those giant houses that may need pulling down because he slightly exceeded planning permission. Always a cunt worse off 😁
  7. Little Whitt is pansexual?
  8. Came home from work today, under a bit of stress at work, our Maude and Mother Maude are putting the world to rights about family bollocks. I get a list of things that need sorting in the house, the sprog is like opening a bag full of monkeys as soon as I walk in. The kitchen fitter comes round for his deposit. Me mam is trying to get hold of us. All within 5 mins of stepping in the house. Still got my tracksuit on from work, the dog walks up to me head on my lap, lead in his mouth. I said I’m going taking the dog out. Up regent road, Chorley New Road, Victoria road, old kil
  9. Rudy


    Extends shelf life. By the time they’re picked and shipped around the world they would be rotten.
  10. I know it’ll get a bit m say with other countries getting involved but WW3 was trending on Twitter this morning. All a bit hysterical.
  11. What can Iran realistically do now to retaliate?
  12. Along with a deviant dad like you they’re pretty fucked
  13. Rudy


    @jules_darby Yeah it’s bananas. They have a spray on them made from crabs I think. So yeah basically bananas have crabs
  14. We could ask Sluffy to write it but it’d be like war and peace
  15. How is I’ll take what I can now known as ‘Pansexual’ That used to be just known as going in The Swan.
  16. Dear Aunty Shaz The Lager is guff, the pies are sweaty, the staff are incompetent and lack complete logic, common sense and enthusiasm. Sort it out. Keep up the good work. All the best Wways
  17. Kin’ell I said they had the same styles. They both run their mouths and threaten other nations. Which makes me think they are incapable of engaging in dialogue. Tantrums over talking. Dotard noun an old person, especially one who has become physically weak or whose mental faculties have declined.
  18. Did I say they were the same person, or they had the style? Threats over dialogue. You dotard.
  19. Same style as that mad little Korean with the shit barnet.
  20. You’re sure Trump would prefer dialogue? The same Trump who threatened North Korea with Fire and Fury. Threats yes, engaging in talks no.
  21. We’re really setting the bar high for these staff. Teenagers, minimum wage, working at a weekend, absolutely no risk of being sacked. serving football fans shit pies and flat ale. They don’t give a shit.
  22. Forgive me if I’m a dinosaur but how in the shitting crikey are there more than two genders?
  23. Do the animals have to be pan sexual as well?
  24. That’s the gamble. Make it back to the prem you’re quids in go for it and miss out and you’re well us 😁
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