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  1. How would they notice if a bomb has gone off?
  2. They could possibly have us over a barrel. The ties with the US are unbreakable anyways, but going forward we’re gonna be striking trade deals with them. We’re going to be needing to keep America sweet.
  3. Nice one mate. I’m happy for you
  4. 100’s in the pot you get paid peanuts 1000’s you get tenners millions you get thousands Billions you get millions Its as simple as that.
  5. I’ll send you some Turkish delight to keep you going
  6. Yeah I suppose it’s a bit tricky when you’re on the move a lot. I don’t suppose it’s gonna do much harm when you’re replacing the odd meal but wouldn’t recommend it as a regular daily thing.
  7. There’s one in Iraq though isn’t there? Loads of protests outside this week. Shirley they’ve gotta pack up and get out Of there a bit lively? Same if you’re a US citizen in Iran, time to get out me thinks.
  8. What happens if you’re in the US Embassy over there? Argo scenario?
  9. A conflict will keep Trump in the whitehouse. That’s just a fact. This guy is a top ranking official, they’ll declare this as an act of war.
  10. Haven’t the club always used agencies though?
  11. Is Carl Frampton getting a pay out?
  12. You can go down the route of diet substitute drinks, but I have never recommend one and never will. Full of synthetic ingredients and no fibre. Two things help with weight loss and maintaining a healthy body Balanced diet Regular Exercise. Thats it.
  13. I would pay for you, cheese and a film crew to go on holiday
  14. Rudy

    Loan players

    Midweek game? 54 yr old Sheringham with a hat trick?
  15. Joker. Absolutely superb. Joaquin Phoenix take a bow son.
  16. Sorry should’ve said using them at home on your own can, under the supervision of someone they are effective.
  17. You’re right about sugar getting a bad rep but it is the thing people jump straight into when dieting and it’s really not the best thing especially when trying to lose weight. As part of a balanced diet yeah but it’s not the immediate solution.
  18. I could just hear Partridge in my head when I read it
  19. Rudy

    Loan players

    Yeah you’re right. He was class in his short time.
  20. Veg over fruit every time. fruit is great for hydration, but it’s full of sugar. For anyone who struggles with their carb intake I say switch to brown, pasta, rice, bread. Breaks down easier, passes easier, reduces cholesterol.
  21. I’m not driving a mini metro, I’m not driving a mini metro, I’m not driving a mini metro
  22. He could wear a mini skirt and string vest for me as long as he does the business
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