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  1. The refs instructions were longer
  2. For fucks sake will you two just get your own cunting thread!
  3. Well now you’ve just fucked yourself
  4. Jury is out until Bolty wakes up and accuses Cheese of high treason
  5. If Lizzie croaks it there will be a few suspects Charles, Al Fayad, Cheese, Morrissey but not Arry
  6. Prince Andrew must be happy that the royal spotlight has been taken off him.
  7. He only did one film and never heard of him after that
  8. How the fuck you can have a cat being a Wanderer, come 5pm on a Saturday, the cat must be shitting bricks anticipating a kick up the arse
  9. BWFC are after coaches and staff. Fact.
  10. I like that you speak to your cat mate. Makes me feel a bit more normal. Saying that it means I’m just like you 😁
  11. The taxi driver I used in Buenos Aires rings me at least once a month and drops me the odd text, 4 years since I was there.
  12. The man who shot John Lennon?
  13. WWE shouldn’t be PPV it’s storylines. i don’t mind paying £20 a month for PPV, but next month it’ll be £20 for boxing and £20 for UFC, a bit naughty by BT
  14. Last year BT started it. WWE are to blame
  15. They’re gonna get worse. And Chicksen was solid. Wasn’t giving Southgate food for thought, but his distribution was decent, his positioning was usually solid, I would have liked to have kept in going into L2
  16. Doesn’t necessarily mean recruiting players
  17. It’s definitely real I’ve been and everything
  18. Tobias Phoenix is the DOF at Macclesfield
  19. That’s why Dana White loves him, no matter how you feel you’ll tune in to see him either win or get twatted
  20. Big pay day for Cowboy probably his biggest. Connor will have too much for him
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