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  1. it’s just Miami offering him out, outside the club tomorrow. Fact
  2. Throw in that wife beater Collymore and he still would with both hands tied behind his back.
  3. Is it a simple thing just to pop a window out?
  4. If you’re stupid enough to have your face punched in for a living there’s a good chance you’re stupid.
  5. I’ve never seen so many superlatives for a guy who’s best part of his game was chesting it down. He was average at best and that wasn’t for very long. And he called Neil Lennon Scottish which makes him thicker than a whale omelette.
  6. Can only imagine his outburst when his academy award nomination didn’t come in
  7. Question about ‘trapped in the closet’ Do you honestly believe he thought it was good?
  8. R kelly is a massive nonce and he’ll do a bit of bird. They could have just said that. Watched 2 episodes of The Outsider, very good
  9. Need your head testing being a guard there
  10. Impressed with the first episode, fuckin nuts that prison.
  11. New dishwashers for more water. Flint Michigan has had dirty running water for almost 6 years. Sort that out first you orange sweaty minge
  12. How much do you have in your gaff that you’re going to the top so often?
  13. £6,000,000. We should be on trial at the Old Bailey for that.
  14. Khabib? He’ll take down most men and make them squeal
  15. Rudy


    One of many to be in financial bother this year I would imagine. Fuck em.
  16. Rudy


    Arrest warrant issued for Beckham slapping a coppers arse Tit
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