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    I seem to remember Morrissey flapping his fanny when he discovered that they use a part of a fish to brew a certain beer.
  2. Did Wanderers have a shop on the precinct many moons ago?
  3. I mean I sort of get, immigration does need to be controlled, but the whole Mexico is a country full of rapists and druggies is a bit rich. But it’s what HIS voters wanna hear and he played a blinder so fair play to the shredded wheat syrup wearing cunt. just realised the spelling mistake in the title of this thread, good to see Little Whitt hasn’t changed the bald fucker
  4. Rudy


    Interestingly enough if you're a vegan for the environment where does it stop? Don’t have a car? Don’t use electricity?
  5. Ahh right I see. whenever I’ve heard a wall couldn’t be built in places it was never followed up with areas won’t be accessible to humans on foot. That makes sense. Of all his polices the immigration one fascinates me.
  6. I don’t think it’s possible to do a full wall though, too many issues in the way. Hear me out but I think he used this “We’ll build a wall and they’ll pay for it” to keep the anti immigration voters on side, I don’t agree with it but I understand why he used that as part of his campaign program but it’s just not feasible to complete.
  7. Rudy


    Yeah but it’s a hybrid engine so it’s pretty much a golf cart
  8. It is. Irony and ethics aside it was always a big ask to get it done. Question is will he get to finish it if he’s only in power for 4 years or is some poor sod gonna get lumped with a half finished wall.
  9. Interesting, I assume he’s not finished it yet
  10. Genuine question. Does he really want to build a wall in Colorado or is his geography a little off?
  11. Why doesn’t he just put a dome over America, Simpson’s movie style
  12. Why Colorado? Because it’s next to New Mexico?
  13. Loved a pair of deakinsClark’s sole was shite though. Stolen from Ivor rings a bell, where was it?
  14. I honestly didn’t know it was still going. Didn’t know they had relocated. Yeah I learned the hard way. I still bring it up from time to time. She swears it wasnt wool.
  15. Shopped in Norton Barrie with my first full time wage. Bought myself a Lyle and Scott V-neck jumper for £80. me mam washed it and shrunk it.
  16. Rudy

    Hong Kong

    Fuck me that’s a bit grim
  17. It’s a bit cowd. Glad to see our Maude has the heating set to hotter than the sun with two windows open. Lovely stuff.
  18. Rudy


    I’d suspect it’s to do with loving animals and the argument that they shouldn’t be eaten or be used for any produce.
  19. Gerald Cid is one of the worst players we’ve ever had. FACTAMUNDO
  20. Rudy


    I’m a massive massive hypocrite. Some of the people I work with I tell them all about special diets, a lot of them have small muscle injuries quite frequently. So I went on a course with this Italian doctor and basically told me the diets to recommend, nearly all of them are vegan diets or 4 days out of 7 are vegan, 2 days veggie, one meat day. And the results are incredible, the decrease in small tear injuries is remarkable. Ive tried it I really have but it’s not for me, if I was loaded and a full time chef to do all my meals I may be able to do it. So I recommend it but don’t
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