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  1. My Owd fella and a few lads were taken to strangeways at school. He said it scared the life out of him and put him on the straight and narrow before acting the goat turned into anything serious. Agreed, should discourage groups gathering
  2. He’s absolutely superb in Red Dragon. In Bruges he’s class albeit not a huge role.
  3. Tentacle prolapse chicken nugget docking skat The usual
  4. I’m waiting for @gonzo to supply some material for a special occasion
  5. It’s a major issue it not going ahead in Turkey. Broadcasters all around the world will have paid to set up shop, the work would have been put in place weeks ago. Sponsors, travel arrangements, UEFA stadium criteria, at a critical stage now, needs sorting in the next few days.
  6. Right you bunch of codgers @frank_spencer @Spider @bolton_blondie and whoever else the reason you ache and creak isn’t totally because of your age it’s your tendons shortening because of a few things Not exercising the right areas, not warming up and cooling down. Stretch for 10 mins before bed and you’ll become more flexible Plenty of water because your muscles are dehydrated cod liver oil tablets take them every day to lubricate your joints A-z vitamins one a day and you’ll feel better
  7. Yeah but it’s not always the same year is it you flange!
  8. Yeah they just do it to fuck with you Quicker to spin it the other way
  9. Lasses saying oooh no way are you 33 whilst twirling their hair
  10. Entering my date of birth into a form online and scrolling back further than I would like
  11. It was our Maude. She’s up for sale. All offers considered
  12. No apology needed you patronising condescending twat 😘
  13. It was in reference to your general persona on here. No doubt you’re probably a lovely chap albeit it with a cat in real life
  14. I would have to agree. He’s played a white Rastafarian pimp, Gotham city chief of police, a werewolf wizard , Churchill, Dracula al immensely. Serious range on that mon
  15. Crawley there is patronising then there is you.
  16. You may say this in jest but I’m incredibly superstitious when it comes to football. I have to make sure I’ve quoted Eddie with the same message, ring my Owd fella in the morning, give Burnden a +1 when he posts the team news kiss my Per Frandsen poster and away we go. Last week my kids both wore their away kits for the first time and we lost so I’m putting it down to that so that won’t be happening tomorrow
  17. Sky can bite my bollocks, they had a countdown for us and Bury going bust. The sooner that Emperor Bezos and amazon buy the rights the better. All empires fall
  18. Two scouse lads at work use “You’re a tory” “Tory fuck” as an insult when you say anything remotely blue. And it seems to be the norm from that part of the world. They seem to be tainted by what they believe is being hard done by, by Maggie Thatcher and John Major, so so stuck in their ways and refuse to believe there’s an alternative. Its sad and warped really that they will vote for a party because historically they have always done that, and Labour seem to like that rhetoric. Fuck policies lets fight Tories As you say Julie, Labour are a joke.
  19. Bet she sports a cracking bush
  20. Convertible Porsche so he needs his hard drive checking
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