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  1. 5 minutes ago, Mantra said:

    Think it must be the New head of communications after the Paul Holliday left to go to the FA. Can't remember the new guys name  but he's on twitter.

    Better interviewer than the Yorkshire lad

    No issue with the previous fella but this guy just sounds more professional and polished like he’s done his research and asking questions outside of the box 

  2. 12 minutes ago, royal white said:

    If it was whole sections of the stadium in a crowd of over 70k how come only a few people picked up on it? I’ve not seen one bit of footage where racist remarks can be heard, I don’t doubt for a minute that their was. But maybe not as much as people were making out? 

    Then there’s obviously the object throwing, where do we go with that? Apparently This is the 4th consecutive fixture with Wigan where there have been issues, so it’s not isolated.

    It wasn’t the court of the people or judge rinder it was Fifa and UEFA 

    They have reps in every part of the stadium who put it in their reports as well as the officials 

    "After analysing and taking into consideration ... the seriousness of the incidents (racist words and actions, throwing of objects, lighting of fireworks, blocked stairways), the Committee decided that the MLSZ would play its next two home matches in FIFA competitions without spectators, the second match being suspended for a probationary period of two years,"

  3. They’re not the same

    Neither are acceptable but one person or a select few shouting abuse isn’t the same as a whole section of fans abusing someone for 90 minutes 

    The referees report will include reports from stewards from all around the ground if it’s been reported from a few sections then an investigation will be made and punishments are handed out.

    If it’s a select few the club or nation will be notified and it’s fed to the stewards to be on alert going forward 

  4. 4 minutes ago, royal white said:

    I know about them, I have no need to find out anymore. I was asked a question and answered it. It’s quite a simple action. Not many people have answered my first question l, let’s try with you. 

    Do you think BWFC should be hit with fines and potentially have to play behind closed doors because of what happened at the weekend? 

    I’ll answer no. 

    The same as when I didn’t think all of chelsea should have had to when two people racially abused Sterling 

    Hungary wasn’t one or two it was entire sections all game and it isn’t an isolated incident.

  5. 1 minute ago, masi 51 said:

    I may be have a struggle to convince you otherwise as you get paid for coaching football i do not.

    Yes i can see what your saying with this triangular pattern that is installed in everyone and yes the two banks of 4 takes that completly away.

    He changed systems last November and that did him ok

    Just think we have to try and throw the odd curve ball in now and again

    What we all agree is that we are weak with both Sarcevic and Sheehan in the same team and Doyle needs help

    Haven’t been paid to coach football for a while now, just my view as a fan. We’ll just have to wait and see 

  6. 40 minutes ago, masi 51 said:

    Thomason is all left foot he started out as left back he is comfortable all down the left hand side.....Adapt ...really they have to a man played 442 most of there lives.

    Its all about opinions and mine is we go same system same result

    I am not saying go 442 for any longer than we have to, but we currently do not have the personal to play  4231....If nothing else it will give Doyle the help he needs.

    And it would also send Lowe a curveball at our team selection

    The reason I think IE doesn’t play 442 is because of the triangular passing he implements

    Everyone gets the ball and has an angle for a player, that is taken away when it’s two banks of 4

    Plus we’ve done alright with that formation so same system same result doesn’t make sense. 

  7. 1 hour ago, Escobarp said:

    Is it only me that just lets the manager pick the team and not try and second guess it? There’s a good reason I don’t work in football as a career alongside the majority 😎


    enioy the trek(trip) today gents and if you can stil speak/see by 10pm youve done it wrong 


    11 minutes ago, desperado said:

    Lads and lasses who are there today, fantastic! Wish I could join you. Keep the posts (and pics) coming, love following what’s going on, on far flung away destinations mid-week. 👏

    I’m one who likes a pre-match first 11 prediction. But for me it needs to be done and discussed on the proviso that at the end of the day IE knows best.

    Regardless of my predictions and thoughts, I’ll always look in anticipation at the side an hour before kick off and understand there will be a rationale behind the side he picks, quite often one which won’t be obvious or explained to us.

    I must admit the crazy suggestions that suggest wholesale omissions and formation changes, then when he doesn’t do it come on and moan make me smile.

    I get a bit more angry when during and post match (especially when we are losing or after a defeat) folk then pretend (or even worse believe!) they know better.

    Brockbank for me stays at right back with Isgrove in front of him. I’m torn on Baptiste or Aimson, Baptiste when he has played, has looked good positionally, in possession and tackling/intercepting but he does lack pace and that has been noticeable this season, so I wouldn’t have him at right back. 

    I enjoy doing it. I also enjoy seeing peoples viewpoints before and after a game there’s so much going on you’ll miss stuff and I enjoy that side of seeing it from different angles it’s what makes the discussions on here so interesting. 

  8. 12 minutes ago, royal white said:

    You’ve misunderstood my point. When Hungarians threw bottles at Sterling it was apparently because they’re  all racists (people chose to ignore objects being thrown at other players Shaw, Kane etc ) this clip was highlighting that they will throw objects at anyone regardless of skin colour. 

    And you’d probably be best off going to the 3rd Sept regarding the game in question. 

    Think it was highlighted because he got booed when he touched the ball as well. 
    I don’t think the bottles were all because of his skin colour but there was certainly undertones to it due to his treatment before the goal.

  9. 25 minutes ago, masi 51 said:

    One of the things Evatt said last season we can change formations and its horses for courses

    Play the same formation as Saturday with the same team........Same outcome

    I would like us for this game at the least go traditional 442 Every player we have was brought up on that system so no great shock. Flat back 4 with Baptiste at right back

    Midfield 4 of Isgrove mj lee/sarcevic Thomason on the left and Doyle Bakayoko up top

    Not a chance in hell he will go that but i can hope


    Saturday we played. Sunday was their day off Monday they trained and you want them to adopt a new formation with a centre mid on the left, in one training session after a year of playing another formation 

    @Casino you were right about this thread 

  10. 8 minutes ago, royal white said:

    I’m more concerned that no one else on here has ever heard any of the abuse thrown at him. This forum either has the deafest fans in football, they all sit in the west upper, they don’t go, or a bunch of lying fuckers.

    I’m going for the last. 

    Oh I heard it and I’ve heard it before. My Irish wife has heard it in the past when someone called him a nail bombing Irish cunt when he was at Stoke or Sunderland can’t remember.

    I wasn’t best pleased and he got told. In hindsight I should have reported it, on me that I didn’t 

  11. 11 hours ago, Casino said:

    Im not a big fan of predicting team threads

    Too many crackpot ideas about, id try this and id try that, but rarely they do throw up some sense

    This has so much logic, its almost wasted on a thread like this

    I dont think thomasson is the right choice but its probably toss up him or sheehan

    Id be very surprised if thats not the selection...but if its not, i stand by evatts choice

    If IE said he was playing Baptiste and Gilks up top I’d trust him 

  12. 5 hours ago, bolty58 said:

    Just catching up after over doing American football over the weekend. That Lazio-Inter game was a good watch with all the shenanigans!


    Italian football is the football to watch at the moment it is brilliant 

  13. 7 hours ago, Casino said:

    You could quite easily find fault with most footballers, some aren’t very bright, and don’t know when to reign it in. When it’s such a delicate subject as poppies and the Irish troubles it probably needed guidance , for him to have an arm around him and say, look your views are your views and they can’t be changed but they may come with consequences which can and will affect your time on the pitch and in this case off it.

    I don’t feel like he’s ever got that as much as he probably should given the circumstance 

    The media have had a big big role to play with him, blowing things out of the water to sell papers without looking at their consequences as well.

    If you grew up in Derry and in particular bogside you probably would have had a family member who were there on Bloody Sunday , to make someone wear a poppy against their will is a bit short sighted. 

    He has family and friends back home in Derry I don’t think it’s particularly right to put a symbol on his chest which could cause him and his family trouble back home.

    Hes certainly not innocent in his behaviour at times but he’s not the only one.

    A terrorist or terrorist sympathiser is a ridiculous thing to say about him. 


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