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  1. Never heard of them, They heavy metal or something?
  2. Rudy


    Portugal won’t get out of the group FACT In fact ignore me, just realised 3 teams can qualify
  3. You could see his class against us, he was head and shoulders above everyone by a country mile, he ran the game and didn’t even run Plays with his socks down. I like that
  4. Rudy


    HAPPY OUT Up the revolution
  5. The Jam yeah I’m a fan of. Stanley road, brilliant, then it gets a bit well inconsistent to say the least. Since the turn of the century, been below par, last few albums just been shite, what good rock stars live To after 60 😂
  6. He’s been shite for ages 😂 up his own arse plus he looks like someone’s Nan
  7. I always thought he just needed that close coaching and man management, massage his ego and blow smoke up his arse for his confidence. Definitely a player in there
  8. He was like slightly more composed vaz te with the rare sparkle of brilliance
  9. Not really, it’s the market. young promising, dynamic footballer who scores assists who happens to be English, you’re going to pay top dollar
  10. I love not being able to rate a player who is being touted to go to a top 4 club for the best part of £100m How high are your standards
  11. Biggest problem will be getting Foden Mount Grealish into a side that doesn’t leave our midfield open
  12. Been hacked by the Russians fact
  13. Aye can’t read into it too much, Scotland drew with Holland ffs
  14. You jest but off the top of my head I’ve had 3 presents off the homosexual community for secret Santa. Aftershave, RL towel set, and Johnny marrs signed autobiography. Think it’s the big arse and tight shorts tbh
  15. Secret Santa presents are always better off gays
  16. https://twitter.com/OfficialBWFC/status/1400104943961452549?s=20 Brockbank signed 2 year deal
  17. Spurs in talk with Conte Sell Kane, buy Lukaku from inter who need the reddies and who won the league together
  18. “I find it incredible that LBGT, are winning in the discrimination olympics, they’ve only just come on the scene and already have had better treatment than blacks and Jews. If the police killed as many trans as black people in the last few years it would be considered a hate crime, black guys in Brooklyn are going to walking the streets in high heels just to stay safe” - Dave Chappelle
  19. Ahh I thought you were saying RW is a bumder
  20. How does he know? Spill the beans
  21. I like him because he mismanaged them.
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