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  1. Don’t talk to me about Baby Huey he’s in regular rotation The roots do a cover of that
  2. Rudy


    Inter adore him, he won the treble with them, the problem with Jose is he adapts too slowly, slower than which football evolves at
  3. Since when was anything on here an adult conversation
  4. Fuckin superb. Even loved his later stuff Take a bow Bit of RATM anyone? Believe it or not I first heard this in a sample by Kanye West on a song called Blood on the leaves. Immediately made me go and find the original
  5. Not for lack of trying. Like a nun that one
  6. I will do next time I’m at my dads I’ll take pics of them and stick them on here. I Think my grandad has my Bolton’s school final medal, Nat Lofthouse presented me that one. That was a proud moment
  7. My Owd fella has them, he’s backed me every step of the way, paid for my courses when I was starting out, drove me all over when I played . Comes to every match he can do even now, even if I’m stuck in the back. So I give them to him. Probably on eBay now 😂
  8. When I was first team staff I did, I have a few, then I moved onto what’s called medical staff and I get the replicas No just first team staff then it’s individual performance based , at the end of every season. I assume the powers that be have a pot based on what they have won and profit they have made and then they divide that out between departments
  9. I have listened to rap/grime/hip hop played the most violent video games watched the most graphic films and never felt the urge to carry a knife or get involved with a gang. I am a vile druggy thug but a harmless friendly one
  10. My English school teacher could name both line ups of the 66 World Cup final, I challenged him one day and the fucker just reamed it off He had unreal knowledge about cup finals in loads of different sports , the smallest of details. He would definitely be my phone a friend
  11. Usually get about 40 for players and 1st team staff from the competition organiser, the club decide who gets them, providing they meet certain criteria. then the club give out their own replica medal that they’ve had made at the end of the season, usually exactly the same with the wording slightly changed so it can’t be sold as an ‘official’ medal
  12. Just meant with them being so called ‘elite’ they haven’t won a trophy in 13 years
  13. That’s why Spurs choose not to win anything 😁
  14. Jesus just read the full SP Throw them in the volcano
  15. And a refresher test every 3 months
  16. @gonzo can you lay your hands on anything to help me sleep? Waking up every hour anxious from this game isn’t good. Might take something at 3pm Sat and zone out
  17. Rudy


    So did Spurs
  18. He’s a vowel away from having a superb name
  19. You suck one cock and all of a sudden that makes you a lover?
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