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  1. Christian Horner will get home and volley Geri in the cunt
  2. Not been in for many years but used to sup that when I went in, fuck me I have no idea what they put in it but I’ve lost some memory to that fucker
  3. We’re all gonna die
  4. Rudy


    Country is ran by some of the most incompetent insufferable bumbling hypocritical morons you are ever likely to find on allahs green earth and what is even more laughable is there is no credible opposition anywhere close to the capital
  5. I can’t wait for your autobiography
  6. When I am mod you will be the first one to the wall
  7. Don’t know too much about him
  8. Rudy


    Lockdown unless you’ve been vaccinated no furlough no handouts if youve had the choice to be vaccinated and turned it down it must be for a genuine reason like pregnancy not because you believe some cunt on Facebook and who doesn’t trust it
  9. Prison napalm. Rips the skin off and causes excruciating pain, you look like you’ve been sun tanning in Chernobyl
  10. Not defending the fella, but did he actually abuse them? Or did they say it and the woman fired up the kettle? Seems a little hazy
  11. The fact he’s called Ronan doesn’t fill me with optimism
  12. Rudy


    Conspiracy theorists
  13. I’m so annoyed that roses t20 got binned, it’s 5pm on a Saturday 27° it would have been carnage England Pakistan on Tuesday though
  14. Do you remember Derby 1-0 at home in January, Stelios last minute winner? I reckon that was colder than in Belgrade a few weeks before it
  15. Bet it was fuckin freezing
  16. Cornwall still have darkie day, PM me if you fancy it
  17. 5 people arrested now, which is amazing because it was a stone wall fact that only 4 tweets came from Blighty, the others were Africa and america Bozza calling in the Interpol big guns
  18. Roflcopter Carlito beat me
  19. Rudy


    How’s the postman?
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