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  1. This tea lady you speak of......
  2. 😂 Brilliant. saw a mini doc on these weirdos
  3. Now this is a headline. Corpse believed to belong to controversial cult leader found in a Colorado shrine covered in glitter with no eyes
  4. When’s that Manchester organised crime on? Was looking forward to seeing @royal white
  5. It’s got some decent sized houses on there, the Islamabad decor and plastic columns are creeping their way up there which brings down the area IMO Its squashed between rishton lane and Bradford road, I’m surprised it’s still half decent
  6. Rudy


    Be funny if he calls him a bald cunt again 😂
  7. He’s entitled to it I think he’s wrong that it’s too high. Essentially getting 3/4 games for free. That’s a recent reward for loyalty. Anyways what we sell will go off what happens on Saturday
  8. So for arguments sake, let’s say 6k £300 ST’s are renewed, £1.8m at 50% £900k So you want the club you support to write off almost a million dabs to reward your loyalty. Why not just get Sweaty Ken back in charge
  9. Rudy


    Going to Roma next season
  10. You must be Jeff Bezos with your business mind and time travelling machine to the Coca Cola cup games
  11. Off you pop then. £13 a game.
  12. The NHS is on its arse
  13. Never seen a Bond film that didn’t star Daniel Craig
  14. In laws live there said the road is shut off heard a load of noise about 4am terrible.
  15. When you’re down there do you ever see Doris’s mott? i know you don’t look wink wink Ever catch a whiff of scampi fries?
  16. Nah. Back to the subject of feet, not into them per se but they have to be nice. Can’t be seeing a woman in flip flops like she’s stood on a land mine
  17. What about a fella? Big purple headed yoghurt slinger that looks like a tripod?
  18. American size 8 that’s a uk 6
  19. And he’s still worth $200bn The Bald fuck
  20. Just to check on your mam
  21. Too many threads on here about politics, religion, bollocks so Rudy is bringing it back so the age old question Are you a tits, legs or arse man?
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