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  1. Thank you both, much appreciated
  2. PGen98

    Keith Hill

    Love that it's someone who knows Bolton and understand what the club means, and the level of experience is a bonus, too. A very solid appointment, looking forward to seeing how how he does moving forward!
  3. Thanks, I appreciate the warm welcome
  4. Hi all! I'm a lifelong Bolton fan and just found the site, so thought I'd sign up and jump in. I wish I'd found this place a bit sooner, outside of fan blogs, I've had fairly limited communication with Bolton fans over the years. At any rate, onto the boring stuff -- A little about myself, I was born in Bolton and then raised all over (England, Scotland, Wales, a brief stint in Finland, then onto the US [California, Arkansas, Texas and Arizona]). Still currently residing in Arizona. I'm a programmer and web developer, even run a few forums, myself. Naturally it was my father that got me into football and as he was also from Bolton, it was only natural that he took me to my first match at Burnden Park (the final match of the 91/92 season, against Stoke), where I was instantly hooked. We moved to the US just before the Reebok opened its' doors and I've not actually had the chance to get back to the UK to watch a match since, though I do my best to follow whenever there's a broadcast. Outside of my interest in the Whites, I've also become a bit of an ice hockey fan, supporting Team GB and the Dallas Stars, and I'm also something of a tech nerd. Sadly, beyond that, I'm not a terribly interesting person. At any rate, it's good to be here and I look forward to browsing and hopefully talking some football.
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