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  1. I'd love to see Riley given more playing time, but seeing as i don't think he's had a minute since his impressive debut then starting league games may be a bit of a stretch. White hasn't impressed me in the slightest but if it's between him and Comley then it'll have to be White. Which is disappointing, I had some hope for Comley after what was apparently a rather successful season last year.
  2. Well, that's a contentious one because I'd say football also has a corridor of uncertainty. It's that space that exists at the moment of a low driven cross from near the byline, where it's too far from the goal for the keeper to confidently claim but also simultaneously too close to the goal for the defender to clear without fear of inadvertently deflecting it into his own goal.
  3. I never considered him as the greatest, he was before my time, but the points about dragging Napoli and Argentina to the top almost singlehandedly are excellent ones. I think I'd still have C. Ronaldo as the best, the longevity, athleticism and consistency are hard to look past. Maradona up there just behind with Pele, Messi and Zidane though.
  4. Having not paid much attention to in-game set up recently, I'd assumed Crawford has been in that No 10 role? Either way I'd have Clough back in an instant and I'd hedge a bet he'd think the same. Not arsed what his wages currently are, if Bolton came asking he'd take what was on offer. For me it's an easy slot into the player off the 2 forwards, link up play, little slide rule balls, set pieces, movement that we don't currently have. Gilks Santos, Delaney, Taft Jones, Tutte, Sarce, Mascoll Clough Fonz, Doyle No brainer for me.
  5. In a similar vein, oh what could have been. https://twitter.com/Craig28Davies/status/1316075934391435266?s=19
  6. It's actually unfathomable how cunty that tackle was. Holden could have easily been our best midfielder in a generation, he had everything, would have played for a big gun I'm sure of it. I got ridiculed by some mates for comparing him to Modric at the time, which obviously now looks silly, but that 2010-11 season they were playing at very similar levels.
  7. Sounds like we've tentatively backed the proposal. Feels like we're all being held to ransom here.
  8. My first ever game was against these, 6-1 at Burnden in 96. Don't really remember the game, I was only 3, just remember being around the place and stood on the terraces. So a recreation of that would be nice.
  9. Thing that impressed me most about him isn't so much the ability on the ball, it's his strength and composure under pressure. The lad is 17 shrugging off challenges, shielding the ball well, carrying himself well. Looks a foot taller than everyone around him, doing all that against professionals from the league above his own first team. Player.
  10. I mean, I thought we'd lose as well but this is some doom mongering of expert levels.
  11. I'm absolutely fuming with every one of you for getting my hopes up.
  12. We're gunna get pumped. 3-0 Newport. We'll have 60% possession again but do nowt with it, 3 errors as nothing changes at the back.
  13. He's also a big ol' racist. Saw he popped up on Twitter, gave him a courtesy follow, then unfollowed shortly after he liked and retweeted various unsavoury accounts and "journalists".
  14. You see, when it was us, they were cunts. Ta ra.
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