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  1. When you stop to think though we’ve had so many top, top players and servants to the club. Roy Greaves will always be my absolute favourite but for entertainment in so many ways could you see past Frankie Worthy and that goal against Ipswich? If only it had been the winner instead of just a consolation. 🥴
  2. As long as the injuries don’t include Dion, Rico, Coggers and Demps I don’t think we need to worry we have enough cover. I don’t think Toal or Ashworth actually got on the pitch so they shouldn’t be injured and I’ve not heard after their games that Dion and Josh got knocks so fingers crossed they didn’t and are all fit to go.
  3. We don’t know how it will affect the players Lusty, nor the fans who seem pretty cheesed off with what’s going on and certainly want the owner out. I’m sure their manager will try to fire the players up but different players will react in different ways. It doesn’t seem as though the financial side will be sorted out any time soon if the owner can’t get money out of China, assuming he actually has it in the first place of course, so it’s entirely possible there will be more penalties. That’s got to depress whoever you are. As for our players, they should already be fired up and looking to go out there and get the 3 points which may take us top so I hope IE doesn’t have to do much to enthuse them?
  4. Brilliant, should have been an England regular Nobby but for the snobbery over Lampard and Gerrard playing for big clubs but my all time favourite player has to be Roy Greaves. Obviously the European stars were magic but Greavesey was different class in those times for me.
  5. Just confirmed by the club that Reading have been docked a further 3 points which were pending for not depositing the 125% salary amount into their bank. That won’t please the players will it, so we may be playing them at an opt tune time?
  6. So are we winning this or what? This Reading team is nowhere near the Championship side having to rely mainly now on young, inexperienced players. Surely this should be another 3 points and a chance for Wanderers to show our class and push on to the automatics. I’m going 2-0 to the Whites. Victor for a brace.
  7. Very early days yet, the cream rises to the top and the thoroughbreds always come through in the end.
  8. Yes, that’s a shame for Bradley because if he’d hit the ground running from here he may just have become part of their first team squad but I expect now he’ll probably be loaned out again once he’s fit but to a Championship side this time, although you never know with the time he had here and if we’re pushing the automatics. It’d be a chance for him to join in the promotion party? As for Traf, he’s good enough to come through his start and learn from it. He doesn’t seem the kind of personality to let much worry him so I’m sure he’d bounce back quickly from any setback.
  9. Exactly Jacket it’s that presence that Baxter seems to lack but it’s early days yet and he certainly seems a really good shot stopper with some of the saves he’s made. I’d say we certainly miss Traf more than Bradley so far but hopefully by the end of the season we won’t miss either though like Cheese I’d welcome either back at any time. I think sometimes we may under estimate how much we improved both during their time here not just technically but in their confidence and they may be missing that a bit?
  10. I agree Jacket and he has an eye for a goal too so midfield might suit him.
  11. It can change in one game Ian, we’ve seen that lots of times but at 24 Dans no kid and he’s had lots of first team football at all levels. The one thing he doesn’t appear to have had is stability and maybe that’s what Ian is trying to give him here? That’s why I don’t agree with some that we should loan him out. Why? If he can’t do it here and now after numerous loans why would another help? No, let’s keep him here, see if he develops and if not then decide on him. In the meantime we’ve enough strikers to allow him some latitude surely?
  12. Not knocking Bradley but we have to remember that he was operating at third division level with us so if he hadn’t looked good it would have been a surprise. Second half of last season he was struggling as even L1 defences had worked him out. If he gets into the Liverpool first team and kicks on then great but nobody knows if he will and it’s quite possible that if he doesn’t he might be available permanently to us, especially if we manage to get promoted this year. Many young players have excelled only to then fade. I hope Bradley’s not one of those but only time will tell.
  13. Of course they don’t nobody does but IE saw enough in him to give him a 3 year contract and he wouldn’t do that without a certain confidence that he could improve him. I think we just have to give him time to do that.
  14. It’s not just IE or in training that something can be seen in Dan I think most can see the ability there it’s just not really come out yet. I thought last night he looked much sharper and was unlucky not to break his duck but I’m sure when he does it’ll do worlds for his confidence and then we’ll see what he’s got. It may not, that’s the risk clubs in our position have to take but if Evatt can get a tune out of him then it’s happy days. 😉
  15. I know what you mean White but I’m sure the reason IE signed him over 3 years is because he knows Dan needs development and time to bring out the skills it’s pretty clear he does have. I see this year as just a learning process for him with more expected in years two and three so I wouldn’t be as hard as some on him yet. Similarly I think Jerome is here to mentor him and I believe he is doing that. Clearly it’s not showing yet but if we give the guy a chance and he can start to add a few goals and gain confidence Dan may be a completely different player.
  16. Well if Toals away as well as Ashworth and Iredale injured then he’s got to play Rico, Jones and Forrester across the back. I’d like to see him give Matheson a start as well as Hutch as we need to see what they can do if needed. Khumbeni has been on the bench a few times so maybe a chance for him as well?
  17. Strange one Sadler, often great when he came on as a sub but couldn’t seem to have the same impact when starting.
  18. Good signing for Wycombe this, they’ll probably play him in his best position as a winger cutting in and if they do that I think he’ll do really well there. I just hope he doesn’t come back to haunt us when we play them. 😏
  19. Is there some evidence that he definitely didn’t handle it because from what I’ve seen it seems pretty nailed on and the ref even confirmed it with the linesman?
  20. I disagree on their keeper sending off JR, the ref can only give what he sees and he did go and check with the linesman before giving the red card. As far as our pen is concerned it was right on the line for me but I believe the rules actually state that it doesn’t technically have to be right inside the box if the attacking player is bearing down on goal. After the sending off we should have buried Derby but yet again failed to shoot whe chances came but in fairness to Derby they defended well and blocked several Thomason efforts. All said we were well worth the win and the far better team. I actually don’t rate Derby that much and think they’ll struggle to make top 6 the way Warnes got them playing. Like you it will be interesting to see how long he lasts if they don’t improve by Christmas.
  21. Completely agree with that Nottm he’s more of a captain than Rico, always prompting players and directing play. I actually think the starting eleven yesterday is our best so full marks to IE for seeing it especially with George adding that bite in the middle. My only complaint for yesterday was making 5 substitutions which given there’s now an international break I couldn’t see the need for. Fortunately it didn’t affect the result but we’ll done Whites, came out shooting right from the start so let’s hope we can keep that up now because if we do I don’t see anybody stopping us from finishing top, or top two at least.
  22. Not questioning that 69 but I don’t think it’s a contradiction at all. They played for us last season so were effectively to all intents and purposes our players that’s all I’m saying. 🙂
  23. Of course they were our players, contracted for last year but we always knew they were going. At the same time we’ve lost Williams, Lee, Kacha, Aimson, John, Sadlier in addition to Bradley and Trafford. That’s some big holes to fill for me and on the face of it I’m not sure we have. Time will tell whether the likes of Forrester, Maghoma and Gomez will fill those holes but I don’t think so far they have and I believe we missed an opportunity yesterday to do so better. Still early days but with now a smaller squad than last season, especially with injuries to Rico, Coleman and Johnson, I thought it was essential to bring more depth in yesterday and we didn’t.
  24. I think the problems been that we haven’t imposed our style of play MK but you’re right that if we do we should be able to beat anyone in this league. We seem to allow teams to impose their style on us, whatever that is, like Wigan and Burton instead of going at them from the off. The first 3 games showed what you can do when you hit the ground running so let’s have a return to that. Derby will be a stern test for us but I believe that if we get at them from kick off with our quick pass and move style we’ll be too good for them.
  25. I think we can all see abilities in Dan, it’s just that it’s going to be a gamble on whether he delivers on them. Clearly IE believes he can or he wouldn’t have paid good money for him but I’m not expecting anything much from him this year other than gaining experience and gradual improvement. If he can do that then at the end of the 3 years his signing could pay off handsomely but if not it’s been a waste but since we can’t afford ready made stars our only other option is to try to build them?
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