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  1. Well somebody could erase any doubts in five minutes by at least saying something. I get that if everything’s staying as is there’s no reason to but surely they must be aware now that there’s a little concern amongst the fans and the silence just adds to it so for no other reason than that I think somebody should say something at least to reassure.
  2. I agree 51, given the obvious disappointment Evatt displayed at Wembley like you I’d expect more than a couple of the contracted players to be away, either sold or move facilitated. The bulk of the squad has proved its worth but some missing ingredients are obvious and I’m sure Evatt intends to recruit them. If not and that performance and others similar hasn’t forced him to realise that it takes more than just skill to get out of this league then he only has himself to blame if it goes toxic for him. I just hope in his time away he’s considered not just the players performances but also his own.
  3. I think to be fair it was relief more than celebration after so nearly cocking it up. I agree the atmosphere was electric but it’s strange when you think that we actually lost the game? Who really cared though? 😁
  4. Well I wish Evatt or Sharon would be pragmatic and confirm what’s happening, the silence is deafening. Over two weeks now since Evatt said he was considering his future and we’ve heard nowt. I know he’s under contract but in todays game that means very little and I think it’s time he came out and confirmed he’s giving it another go to end any doubts.
  5. I think it was pretty clear to everyone though that he was nowhere near as mobile as normal and surely an expert must have seen that better than us and made the decision themselves. Had they done that who knows how different it might have been?
  6. So let’s hope they’re all fit and over their respective problems for the start of next season because I still believe when they are we’re a top six side even before any changes this summer. A couple of good additions and we’ll be there or there about again for sure.
  7. He wasn’t on his own playing through injury either. Baxter with his wrist, Toal wasn’t fully fit when he was rushed back, no way has Rico been fit in the last months of the season with his calf and Paris should have been much earlier removed for Demps at Wembley. It’s not like we don’t have a decent squad of stand ins, there’s just no need for it. I know players play every week with minor issues but these were serious and cost us so let’s hope next season Evatt accepts that and doesn’t risk it.
  8. Yep, obviously guilty as charged m’lud. ☹️🤣
  9. Look I know you didn’t say it to offend and I have a sarcy sense of humour myself but it was still a bit tasteless you must admit, or maybe not and I am just growing woke in my old age? 🫣
  10. Tongue in cheek nothing and it’s not about being sensitive. Two people died and that’s neither funny nor something to joke about.
  11. Is that good luck or bad luck? 😁
  12. Not funny and below you Traf, I think you should remove that post.
  13. If we’re short of money this would be a complete waste. Spend whatever we’ve got on the team this year and leave incidentals until we can afford it.
  14. Wasn’t there speculation Johnson was all lined up for a move last year before his injury? If he can get fit and prove it things may spark up again in January? Until then I think Toal, Rico and Johnson would be our best CH combination, assuming of course that IE keeps the same system.
  15. There’s many a true word said in jest 😁
  16. I agree, let’s play some of our bench players and B Teamers this year and save our first eleven for games that matter.
  17. I’m one of those Paul. I initially voted Go but on reflection changed my mind to stay because surely even Ian must have learned from the Wembley debacle and reflected on similar performances throughout the season. I suspect he knows which players let him down and those he can rely on and if he is staying will be working on that for next season. I accept he has a problem with adapting during games and also his continual like for like and pre planned changes but hopefully he’s having a think about those too? We’ll soon know if he hasn’t learned and as others have said, he’ll be hounded out if not but I believe we need to at least give him a chance first because he’s surely earned that?
  18. 🫣🤣 Sorry, destination I meant!!
  19. It’s definitely not a negative and for me it’s experience we definitely need but Derbys experience was proven quality players whereas Rotherham’s in my opinion aren’t.
  20. Yes I think we’re all in agreement with that.
  21. Point taken. I’d rather have had a shit journey but made the detonation though personally. 🤣
  22. All over thirties and JCH couldn’t even get in the Posh side. When he did he didn’t score and never looked anything when up against Rico and I suspect his best years are now behind him. Like I said, I don’t think any of them would get in our starting eleven but we’ll see how they do in the new season. Millers fans over here seem confident anyway they already think they’ve got L1 sewn up. 😁
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