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  1. No way is he anywhere near 6’ 4”. Just look at him against Rico who is genuinely that height. 6 feet or just over at most.
  2. Agree Dave, anybody coming in should be better than we’ve got but I obviously rate Stockton higher than you so glad it’s down to IE. 🤪
  3. It’s still early days but the table is starting to tell the story with all the bigger clubs at the top and I don’t expect it to change much over the season and those top teams will take points off each other. It was a blow yesterday but if we can get a win at Plymouth on Saturday it sort of levels things up again. I expect Wednesday to be automatics this year so poor as it was its maybe not as bad as it seems?
  4. Bruce always maintained that you could never have too many good strikers so signing Stockton would be a big plus for me. Looking at how many goals the top teams are banging in proves goals win games and partnering Dion with Stockton seems a great partnership to me. Sadly I’m not sure we have the money and after yesterday I think the defence is where any money we do have should be spent. Marlon anybody?
  5. Spot on this Sheep. What I couldn’t understand mostly today was the complete absence of Lee who could have made so much difference with his experience. Five subs and he wasn’t amongst them and exactly how bad does Santos have to be before he’s replaced. Too much chopping and changing with Evatt I’m afraid, completely unnecessarily in my view so 3 out of ten for our manager today with both the starting eleven and subs.
  6. Agree Benny, they are already unhappy with Darren Moore so a good dishing today would really unsettle their camp.
  7. Despite Wednesdays seeming weakness on crosses so far, I’d still ignore that and start Dion and Dapo up top with Lee in the 10 role. I think with their pace and skill and hopefully Bradley continuing his improvement down the right, it’s the best way to open Wednesday up then if it’s not working we have Bod and Baka to come on later. Defensively Rico surely should be back in however well Aimson played the other night. No disrespect to them but we shouldn’t forget that it was only Morecambe we were playing and Wednesday will be a much stiffer task and I think Rico is a much better option. Will certainly be a cracking atmosphere and many of the Owls fans over here are nervous for the game. They’re concerned about the fitness of Smith who hasn’t featured yet and doesn’t look like making it tomorrow either so hopefully we can take advantage of that. 2-0 to the Wanderers for me.
  8. Can’t wait for Saturday and Tuesday now, big crowds, great atmosphere and a really good test of where we’re at. Win those two and Evatt really will be crowing!! 🤗
  9. Not me Zico but at least I’m not on my own questioning it. 🧐
  10. Ha, you never know? 😉 I'm probably miles off Gonzo and I certainly hope so but at this time of the season, strange things happen!! I never count anything out. 🥸
  11. Still think there could be something afoot with Dion. No proof just a feeling, especially with Evatt’s comment about there definitely being movement in and out before the window shuts. I hope not and that he means loan moves for experience but I’m struggling to see who?
  12. Has to be a banker for Wanderers this one, especially without Stockton but can’t get my head round his going to Fleetwood if rumours are true. Not exactly an upward move is it, he’d have been better coming here.
  13. Oh dear, well that should even the game up? 🥴
  14. Think they’re struggling for strikers so now is a good time to play them before they sign some.
  15. Any of those not featuring in the league this year so far will be pissed to miss out again tonight I bet. As IE says, it’s tough keeping so many good players happy all the time, not something we’ve had for some time! Glad he’s got to pick the team and not me. 🥴
  16. The squads superb no question but we’re still lacking in two main areas for me, being defensive midfield and Centre half. Toal may plug the CH position but that still leaves only MJ in DM, so if he gets injured or loses form we don’t really have an option. I originally thought Dempsey might be that but having seen him he’s more another creative alternative of which we have many. I like Johnson but he is slightly small for a CH and does get pushed around a bit by the big strikers in L1. Similarly at the attacking end he offers little or no threat as set pieces but then neither does Rico and he’s certainly big enough. Tomorrow will be a good test so let’s hope IE has the players to sort it because we need to beat these.
  17. Whatever team we play we have to score first in this one otherwise we know how Wycombe will perform, slowing the game down, falling around all the time and looking to catch us on the break when we chase an equaliser. They’re good at it so credit to them for that but if we score first it changes their whole game plan.
  18. Why can’t we bring Bod in next to Dion and drop John to allow Dapo to move to the left wing again. That would keep Lee in the 10 role as for me he’s the best we’ve got there?
  19. Slightly worried about this one as Wycombe are a strong, hard working side and like us have kept most of last years team together. On the basis that we haven’t improved our strength in defensive midfield and at Centre half I think this could be one of our toughest home games and whilst I’m hoping for a win, it wouldn’t surprise me if we came out second best again!! 🥴
  20. Brilliant, well done our Lionesses, fully deserved after that. 👍🤗
  21. I also agree with you and Ani Smiley, we need a true strongman and ball winner in midfield but that doesn’t mean he has to be a leg breaker. As you say, you can’t do that today but winning 50/50 balls and having body strength doesn’t mean you can’t win tackles fairly. The ability to break up opponents attacks is critical for any team and we’ve lacked that for years. Winning the ball then giving it to the creative players is what all successful teams have done and I feel that’s just the element we’re missing to turn a good squad into a winning one. The problem is where do you find these players as there aren’t many about which is why I suggested we possibly create our own from within.
  22. I still think Dapo is more dangerous down the left and cutting in which means we can have either Bod or Baka up top with Dion. As for midfield it’ll be interesting to see where Toal will play when fit. I’m presuming he’ll replace Johnson so with our weakness in Defensive midfield maybe we could groom Johnson or Iredale for that position? I like Johnson but he strikes me as slightly small for a CB and might do better in midfield longer term.
  23. Yo, that’s the ones Troy though I prefer just the plain flavour. What a shame they don’t do them any more. 🙁
  24. Waste of time replying to some of them MK, they’re just trolls solely there to wind up proper fans. 🥴
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