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  1. Have they issued vouchers for the freebie?
  2. Me and my 2 kids staying at Ipswich travelodge on Saturday night
  3. Leeds to Ipswich on rattler is £14, not looked at price from Bolton to Leeds mind...
  4. The Lansdown is the best pub ITK
  5. Whiteyboy2


    The Lansdown usually has all the sport on, up near Montpellier. Iirc the Rotunda has sport on too but much smaller bar. That's about the extent of my knowledge from living down there for 12 months. Nice place, fuck all to do.
  6. All sorted thank you @Casino and @Zico
  7. Last minute request, any fellow wanderers have a spare adult ticket or U18?
  8. I went on Happy Wanderers Airways, was an eventful couple of days iirc
  9. Be reet, at least the fans got something to cheer about.
  10. I've got commentary but pic is froze, anyone else?
  11. Get yourself to the Rotunda top of Montpellier or The Lansdown, nice little boozers my locals when I'm down staying in Cheltenham.
  12. They've just emailed me my digital season ticket 🤔
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