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  1. It seems so, but short lived. We may want to ask our new junior coach, Fabrice Muamba, about his motivational skills. Or Ivan Klasnic.
  2. Arithmetic to be absolutely honest. Just a bit of simple division.
  3. Some 16yr old boy had taken his tale (spelt with care) to a tabloid.
  4. Not when you sub analyse the number of *black people in that group. Black people, typically, don't have ginger hair. So the 33 may be, I don't know the proportion, say ... halved. *Hopefully this isn't viewed as a racist calculation. I don't know what your jib is about this royal white but, from my armchair, you're making yourself look a right tit**. ** left tits are plentiful also.
  5. Are you saying Kevin de Bruyne is gay ?
  6. Got a ring of "what did the Romans ever do for us ?" this.
  7. But it's not a pub league ? Jeez. What a shambles. Last season, Celtic (57,900), Rangers (49,200) have very big average attendances. Hearts & Hibs (both 16,700), Aberdeen (13,800). Then the other 7 get between 2,500 and 2,500. The 10 (yes, 10) in the Championship have one team average 4,600, another 3,600. A 2,500 ... a 2,000 and 6 averaging 1,000. League one's overall league average is 1,100. Pub League may be harsh. More, Sunday Church League.
  8. Thanks. So, if football has, say, half that ratio I'd still call that "a good few".
  9. Exactly. There must be a good few. Entirely their own business what they do, but it'd help if a few sejior players now come out. Well done Jake btw.
  10. Money talks. "Winning things" talks. But joining the pub league with 4 serious games a year is just plain fckg lazy.
  11. You'd do more away if you didn't constantly go everywhere via Lincoln.
  12. You'll be classing Sunderland as World Class at this rate.
  13. In the height of the Jaguar LandRover boom South Liverpool had almost no blue collar unemployment ... other than the unemployable and those already sacked (for which I take great credit) for JLR or a supplier. It shook the twats to their core. Their benefits became unavailable as they had options. Some decent enough ones had the chance to earn & get on the ladder. Many were totally ill prepared for the discipline of regular work. Attendance, timekeeping, following instructions & general good behaviours were alien to them. That bubble has burst jow and unemployment regurned to the 10% levels. You did ask.
  14. He's got 2 years left if his conteact. There's no imperative to sell. If this lot want him to help them come 2nd again & be knocked out if the Champion's League and into the Thursday Trophy they can lay of more than £1½m. We'd get more in 12m time. The lad seems steady, but he won't turn an offer down, especially for the pub league where he'd shine easily. But £1½m is an insult. We shouldn't be afraid to say that either. Like any negotiation they've come in low. We should tell them not to contact again without at least £4.5m on there. Maybe even £5m. If they're serious let's see the whites of their eyes.
  15. Agreed, and zero shirt sponsor & get back to some dignified purity. Except it was quite modest spending on Morley, Charles, Dempsey & soon hopefully Fossey which took us up a step in January. Those small numbers, at this level, speak loudly.
  16. If Thatcher set out to crush the city she wasn't thorough enough. The city's politicians took on an elected Govt., same as the mining union leaders did. If you do that & lose don't piss & moan.
  17. One Saturday we went into Manchester and to Yang Ding on Portland Street. It was about 5.15pm and Georgi Kinkladze came in around 5.30pm, with a couple of nates, soon to be joined by Frannie Lee. Georgi had been substituted after an hour & had clearly got changed & not hung around. I think it was the Maine Road days.
  18. Scousers notoriously 'don't feel English". There's a greater leaning to Ireland vor many of them. I'd say they're their own worst enemies, but that's a prize I want. Pricks. The lot of them. Responsible for their own downfall and complain they're misunderstood. They aren't .. they're very well understood !
  19. Never heard that before. Tremendous. Thanks.
  20. Is it just me, or would you hesitate to let Tuchel nabysit in your house ? Meanwhile ... how to put this ? .... c'mon anyone who happens to not be the Scouse shite !!!
  21. ... or Burnden Park. & not 'New Burnden". If that becomes The xyz Burnden Park fairynuff.
  22. It's a statue ... if a footballer ... not Aguero mind, but it is a statue. Still ... better than Ronaldo's in Madeira. Statue makers for footbalkers should go the Preston, look at the Tom Finney one .... and walk away, declining the option. It simply cannot be bettered.
  23. Well they probably would, if I could read them.
  24. Same with Wigan. 3,200 average away fans !?
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