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  1. Exactly this. The impossible miss by Dion turned that game. That game turned our season. Not having any other way to play is ruining us. Evatt simply HAS to get the team to speed things up at times. If he can't, or won't, then what's the point ? Play the ponderous version at a higher level & we'll get found out every week at the next level ... should we get there.
  2. Collins is a wide forward. Like Dapo was. Like Sadlier was. Evatt doesn't play wide forwards. He fckg signs them though. It's a mystery.
  3. Really ? I'd have him here.
  4. Bllx. It's magnificent. Just a few years too late.
  5. Never happened playing 16-a-side on Hilton Estate. It's all too organised & made to feel important now. If my dad had ever turned up to watch me at school or Bolton schoolboys I'd have been mortified.
  6. Exactly their aim & effectively what they achieved last time.
  7. I can cope with them not giving us a second thought, I fckg hate it when they pretend to care & have 'a soft spot' for us.
  8. Well I hold my hands up. I now don't understand what the fck's going on. Still. Back for tonight.
  9. Unless he views it as dangerous. He jumped in, both feet were off the ground. The referee's decision was red. One must assume he didn't view it as innocent. No way is any panel going to overturn it.
  10. ... apart from him leaving the ground to tackle a guy from behind and taking a foot/ankle ? That's quite separate from whether he needed to tackle him at all.
  11. Just the loss of income to teams who got relegated instead of them as they dragged the whole thing out to be dealt with then ... plus the second set of charges.
  12. So 6pts deduction, rather than 10pts deduction. But the club either broke the rules, or it didn't. This half-way scenario is neither one thing nor the other. Aren't there another bunch of accusations facing you now ? Will that be concluded this year too or can you foot-drag it all again to kick it into next season ?
  13. 18½ if you include his time with us. Bloody Hell he was shite. He very clearly didn't want to be here.
  14. ... where he'd have been a back-up or a loanee. He's very young still for a keeper & should have time to iron-out his weaknesses & is in a crap team at the level but at the moment looks every bit out of his depth. It was a daft signing by them. He'll be in Division 2 next year & a chance to continue his development.
  15. You must be viewing a different one to me. I have no doubt he did, just that the match video just showed a tumble for me. I've read people saying there were other angles & clear images of a coming together.
  16. Just before you get kicked in the nuts for a second time. Good idea.
  17. There should be a peril to a failed appeal or "why not" is the view. I've heard that there's clear film of him shaking Iredale but I've not seen it. The match video was very unclear. Has anyone got a link ?
  18. If we can spare him, great. I truly believe he can come through.
  19. Dr. Feelgood


    I suspect we may see him again next season.
  20. I looked at X this morning. It's my first time, post game, & I read the lot. Goodness me.
  21. I like the guy, tbh, though he's a bit full-on with his shithousery.
  22. I advisd against watching pork then, until you've worked it out.
  23. He played 50 times in 18 months for Stoke, only scored 3 times. One of those his first, was in January 23 & was his first goal in over 2 years ... admittedly at higher levels. So, however decent his career he's been tailing off. He's their Jerome I guess.
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