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  1. All caught up in FIFA corruption added to Russian corruption & lost computers. Once FIFA, its politbureau and Sepp Blatter in particular got outed the proper thing to do would have been to cancel it, but no-one had the balls.
  2. The amount of money sloshing around in football, particularly English football, is unbelievable. I have long predicted the day when the tap is turned off ... but it simply doesn't. I still believe it will, but it's proving to be resiliant. One day, one day ... boosh, & all fckg hell will break out. When it does, these £400k pw players won't be seen for dust. If that means playing in China or the Middle East or some other place where civil rights are non-existent, racism rife, women treating as non-beings they won't give two shites.
  3. Shaw has been utterly hopeless. I hate the Sousers winning, I really do. But if they must then a thrashing of Stretford is the most acceptable way. Could do with it being a couple more. For the LoL's.
  4. We know the players care. They show that before kick off every week.
  5. They could send Big Al round with baseball bats.
  6. Meanwhile Newcastle FC have issued a statement saying they were delighted in fans turning up wearing tea-towels and the new owners have taken it very positively. Leaning very quickly that you can't expect anything remotely bright from that bunch of bar-code wearing numbskulls
  7. He made quite the habit of walking out on clubs. Never gave one shite. Fck him.
  8. This time last season, in fact, right up to Christmas last season, I'd have shown him the door. His signings, Doyle & Sarce apart hadn't really shown anything, his style was getting nowhere and we were shite. I remember his saying "we're brilliant in training" & getting rather bored with its inanity. He persisted with Crellin till 13th November despite each & every one of us seeing how poor he was. It was very, very fortunate for him that fans weren't allowed in the ground during that period. The begining of the turn around came with the Crellin out match, v Salford. Also, the club getting rid of the mysteriously inept Tobias Phoenix exactly one month later, then the recruitment in January was top class. No-one, fckg not one person, can decry his success from then on. This season had seen us outclassed 3 times. Our main striker looks incapable of scoring. I believe that will change but if he reacts badly to Sarce's treatment he'll exit in a similar way. The last 10 days have been a mess, turning this season into a promotion one may be too big an ask, but we're some way short of wondering if the manager is up to the task. I look forward to the January window.
  9. 😅🤣 no. He really didn't He also got stick for being lazy ... because he didn't chase lost causes. And usually they really were lost causes but that's not 'the Bolton way'.
  10. I suspect not. If we meant it with the lad we'd have not loaned him out without signing a contract. He's a free agent come January.
  11. Sounds to me that there's been one humdinger of a fallout and they've agreed a mutually convenient termination of contract. He's walked straight into a place with Stockport. I truly find moving down 2 divisions to be extraordinary.
  12. Whatever the fall out it must have been a humdinger. I get all the comments about his limitations, but this has been a good player for us & an influential one in the club. From Captain to sub to gone in 6 days outside the transfer window, to a non'league club, is quite something. I'm sorry it's come to this ... & rather amazed. I wish him well & thank him. But now we move on.
  13. I suppose we're going to be seeing his fat, floppy face on our TV screens using that specially cultivated cod football-manager speak now. It never rains but it pours.
  14. Take your point, especially that if they knew there were no seats free they'd not have decided they could get in. However, at ground level, it was an arrogant mob mentality filled with drink, drugs and an "rules don't apply to me" attitude which created it.
  15. Agree entirely. We lost the right to expect to be awarded a World Cup through sheer disorganisation and under preparedness .... despite, really, being very capable of running one. We only ever get these things when something's gone tits-up with Plan A. The authorities preference to reject us got quite the boost on that day. The fuckwits who rampaged in London, most especially the semi-organised pricks who burst into Wembley & then terrified real ticket holders, many who were handicapped, and refused to exit made a mockery of our (dis)organisation on that day.
  16. ... though it makes them look very odd either way. It's not like it was a surprise purchase was it ? Apparently they've made a statement saying "we will only recruit someone not currently under contract". What are Pulis, or Holloway doing right now ? Or teeing up 'The Return of Big Sam !!"
  17. Like they would. Of course. If that is anywhere near his weekly wage, in a now money-bags club and, I'm assuming, a 12m rolling contract ongoing ... that's £12m alone. Why on God's Earth would he walk. He spent his first dozen years in management walking out of contracts to go to better ones. I used to say "he treats contracts like most people treat Andrex". Money talks. This will probably be his final serious one, before he begins a Zero Hours media contract where he comes onto our TV's mangling the English language.
  18. I've had some dealings with Peel Holdings. Truly one of the most obnoxious, self-absorbed bunch of shysters it's ever been my horror to deal with. The Neville sisters would match well with them.
  19. So far every game has been one we could have won. This time we've been torn a new one & have to take it as a chance & reason to have a reset. Be reet, but it's a lesson for us.
  20. Honorary guest for the day, Fabrice Muamba.
  21. I looked at last year's 1st round and no, it seems not. For example ... Tonbridge v Bradford City; Exeter v Fylde
  22. Not to mention 'Hairspray'.
  23. I thought being 'walked all over' might be a turn on for him. 🦵🦶
  24. 'Phil Parkinson's Wrexham', away. I will throw my garden open to the travelling public. Bring your own beer. No fighting.
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