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  1. I've every confidence injury permitting Sheehan is good enough for our current midfield certainly playing in rotation
  2. Me too. Gonna be massive for us. Thought he pulled up second half hope he stays fit
  3. Their lot really don't like Evatt! Also seem to think we were the ones going down feigning injury whinging to ref etc. Totally deluded mind you if I watched that garbage every week maybe I wouldn't recognise a decent footballing side when I saw one! Glad they are out of the way and hope they get flushed like the turd they are. Pretty certain I'd say they are very poor with nothing up front without Stockton. Anyway looking forward to two decent games now against sides who will actually play football.
  4. Proved unquestionably on Saturday lifting my mood after ref at Vale. Has a billion pounds ever been put to such shite effect by any club ever? Plus I don't even think they have hit rock bottom yet. Those Tin Hat already looks like a startled rabbit
  5. Thomason playing for B team as we speak so presume reds for league games only
  6. That Musiala (is it?) Looks some player for Bayern as well.
  7. One thing Saturday the number of times we cleared/passed the ball out of defence straight to a Vale player. Jones was a main culprit unfortunately Against Salford Aimson was spraying the ball about perfectly well . Think he's OK and gets better more he plays
  8. Take no notice. Mon has to move on from Liam Gordon & Fossey now.
  9. It was in I was convinced at time said to my dad that was in! I also thought we had goal line technology in EFL!
  10. So much missed and as a Wanderer definitely felt referee had an agenda but also is very poor as evidenced by the Morecambe game last season. Very frustrating. Vale went down easily every time one of ours went near we have got to get used to it but strong refs seen non existent in league 1. Still feel that ball was over line as well. Still there is a lot to be positive about. We didn't wilt and showed we are not a soft touch. Vale complaining about our rough house tactics , physicality and only being a threat from set pieces? Think Evatt is trying something different but officials and conditions on Sat conspired against us. We are so much better than them and over a season that will be shown come May
  11. Will have to smash them at home now. And we will
  12. Aye they are not even bang average for Premier if they are getting played off the park by likes of Brighton, Brentford & Palace
  13. Yeah I wrote it meaning we might not miss him but it came across the other way.
  14. Rang in sick apparently Sat morning. Real shithousing if true 👍 🤣
  15. Be interesting to see how we do without Santos Tuesday. I know its "only" Morecambe but we'll see
  16. Neville crying after put the icing on the cake. Conveniently forgetting that his hero SAF backed the Glazers when he was manager and helped stop the original green and yellow lot protesting. Best thing ever when that little leprechaun Malcolm Glazer and his freaky family bought Utd! (And Fergie was ok with that at the time!)
  17. Definitely summat in the water down there. Bunch of weird not rights
  18. And Trafford on loan from Man Utd kept mixing up Bradley & Jones and never once mentioned the 'goal'. Turned em off in second half I'd had enough
  19. Be just our luck to get this cunt in play offs! Might as well leave Santos out. I'm still fuming and it's too fucking hot to be like this!!
  20. Ref their best player. Bent bastard can't blame Evatt to be fuming. To send Santos off for 2 pathetic yellows second one especially. Cunt was just getting his own back. Well done tho second half we kept our shape well. Iredale and Traf stand outs but will be a decent point if we are not playing by the rules and a goal is.not a goal with Blind Pew
  21. So much for lightning not striking twice!! This blind Pew cunt is something else. Fucking fuming
  22. Aye reet pair of knob ends those two! Thought Jim White was bad enough around transfers! Also tried Talk Sport other day never again. Utter shite two southern wankers discussing cup draw we never got a mention! Then Manchester correspondent Michael Gray (Why???) Comes on and he's bumming stockport. Still no mention. At least Sky saw best potential tie! Talk shite can do one
  23. Club fucked up big time. They looked at villa attendance and thought interest wasn't there. Totally misunderstood that it is actually a football town and loads would come out for a Wembley final even those who hadn't been that season and were friends/relations of ST holders.Coaches going from loads of pubs/clubs etc. Sorry but Gartside could be a right know all pillock at times.
  24. FFS managed to be worse of bad bunch which is some feat. Got heat and that pillock to contend with now
  25. Saw clip on you tube, look on Sourness face when a yoounited fan said Glazers hadn't spent any money. He put him straight lol. Was a southern nonce naturally
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