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  1. My stream was about 3 minutes behind, didnt realise until got text saying 'what a goal!' and was 0-0 on mine. Anyway saved me the squeaky bum time at the end. For the opposition view Southend commentators impressed with us first half, were glad to see Half a lion go off they rated him and said Declan John had "good engine'. Looking forward to Tuesday now
  2. Thanks Mickey. Just meant my first reaction to a stuffy away win would not be embarrassment. Port Vale was embarrassing. Who was embarrassed by that smash and grab at City that time? Not me. Not disputing we were lucky btw or how bad we were 2nd half
  3. Dreadful second half but 3 points. Better than playing well and losing. Hope IE is learning from these lapses. The squad we have now really is strong for this level. Well done to Williams today we play the flair lads in midfield we need someone like him. Some of the better technical players struggled second half. Great to see Sarce back as well - another who has had some OTT stick from our lunatic fringe
  4. is that the limit of your imagination Mr Riddle? No wonder you dont rate Evatt or Doyle. Just what have you seen to suggest a big lump up front fits in with what we are trying to do? I think must of us have had enough prehistoric football thanks
  5. Im just hoping we go from strength to strength for rest of season. There has been so much hope crushed only to rise again that another kick in the bollocks would be hard to take. Thats where i was at Wednesday until Declan's fluke sailed in. Now we are all believing again but i suppose that's nothing new. Just we need to get out of this league.
  6. That ref who nearly chinned the Ipswich player was due to take charge. Hes been withdrawn. Just our luck if Mr Kettle is was to step in!
  7. Against my better judgement i watched it but only after watching Evatt. HAHA that's all i can say to his one sided crying. Might see if it was a total fluke if we play them again this season, otherwise adios Nigel to you your shit club with even shitter pitch shithole of a ground and shithouse fans.
  8. yeah carlisle lost to Harrogate satdy Newport gone right off boil Super Salford only beat Barrow 1-0 the wheels will fall of Onions lot (well stevenage already) we dont have to fear anybody. everybody beating evetybody. we win put a run together and owt possible.
  9. ok half a lions wasnt on target but bloody unlucky inside of the post and another hit post in second so kind of makes us sound worse than we were over the 90mins
  10. He gets the same shit Jason Lowe did probably from same people.
  11. Right fuck off Hugh mungus!! and lets have.none.of this.no heart desire bollocks We played well that 1st half massive over reaction from Evatt Knockers it was still much much better than early in season. and willians wasn't shite he played his part !! onwards and upwards!
  12. MJ Williams got a lot of stick Saturday. Think hes been ok tonight Maddison on over hand seems to over hit everything! Lee is a class act. Santos fantastic 1st half hope doesn't jinx him
  13. That Trevor Kettle is biggest cunt and hes got some top competition. Him at Tranmere is a cockwomble wouldn't like to have to rely on him in play offs or Morecambe guy unless we decide to shout for every decision.
  14. Hardest c/h ive seen was Chris Fairclough silent but rock solid. What a tough pair him and Taggart were. Everyone remembers Ged as a no nonsense guy but Fairclough was hard as nails as well
  15. Correct. My problem with Jimmy Riddle's criticism (apart from his claim his legs have gone which is just untrue) is the criticism should be of the system so far not the player himself. He probably does need 3 or so chances for every goal but we should be getting the ball into the box more crosses more quality passses like Sarce v Salford and bang problem solved. Not having him coming out deep desperate for the ball. We should be finding him if we do that we go up. Sounds simple i know but hopefully we have players now and Evatt can use them effectively
  16. Think you are the one getting worked up not me. I think Doyle, used properly is one of our greatest assets and is a clever player. At this level much better than we could expect . Did his legs go in the summer after top scoring last season? Hes still on target for 20 in a (so far) very poor side feeding on scraps.
  17. Thanks. I've wanted to say that for ages. Everyone had an opinion but this guy is a tit.last paragraph a tad strong but overall spot on. Similar Jimmy Piddle insulting Doyle. what makes these berks tick?
  18. Spot on this guy would obviously like Evatt to have lost so he can stick the boot in like HughMungus Bell and the Riddler. weak and spineless he reckoned? Bollocks Certainly frustrating i give you that but i still see a team in there and reasons to be positive.
  19. Give it a rest. We know you think Evatt is no good but slagging off our top scorer you're just showing yourself up
  20. Win tomorrow we will be 13th lose and we will be below Stevenage! i thought Tuesday was important! Nah make or break tomorrow COYW!
  21. So do I secretly. He scored a cracker for us IIRC. Just hoping he does nothing for that lot.
  22. That's coz it wasnt specifically about wimmin, race, disability or BLT"s. Anyway wage cap would never work. Its communism dont you know?!!
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