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  1. We (Hicks) had a service engineers transit van full of tools nicked in the 90,s. I drove on our car park one day and the body shell of it was stuck in a corner. Returned there by the police after it was found on the banks of the Croal at the side of the Gypsy site. (The only access through the site) No one ever charged.
  2. You should have read the leaflet that the government sent to every home and if you didn’t receive one, it was and still is available on line. No idea who you were listening to.
  3. Is that not down to Brexit? It was forecast at the time. That’s why I voted remain. How did……
  4. I’d be more concerned about what they say about Labour than a party who may end up with a handful of MP’s. https://ifs.org.uk/articles/labour-party-manifesto-initial-response
  5. That, you have got right. 👍 As I said the other night, according to the polls, almost 2/3 of those polled don’t like them either. It’s not an unpopular position. Maybe on here it is.
  6. Nope. I said I’ve voted for 3 different parties.
  7. Haha. Absolute rubbish. I think others will confirm that. Anyway, with regards to my comment about the mortgage nonsense, does it not concern you that the party who will form our next government come out with crap like that when they are so far ahead in the polls? It should.
  8. This is the nearest we’ll get to the BBC saying it’s nonsense. Labour claim that Tories would cost homeowners £4,800 fact-checked https://www.bbc.com/news/articles/cydd08l3y4mo
  9. What did your old head of sixth say? “Play the point, not the man” You should have listened.
  10. How many in the Labour Party are mugs? (Obviously not Ang.) Does anyone know? does anyone care? I suspect no one cares because they aren’t Tory.
  11. They? Thought we were talking about Ang? Kemo sabe. 👍
  12. ‘No Mug’ is probably the best qualification she has. I know many. Wouldn’t want any of them anywhere near running the country.
  13. Correct. I may have alluded to it earlier in the thread. Don't forget also, every politician who’s interviewed. (Starmers dad was a toolmaker, Sunak didn’t have SKY) Wes Streeting this morning also. That’s what it takes to run one of the biggest, richest and most influential countries in the world. I’m reassessing my retirement plans. My background covers it all. My family was never ‘on the giro’ though.😊
  14. To make my position clear, I saw Zionist Starmer's 'come on England' post, which made my blood boil. I detest that man, and UK's position on Gaza, so I admit my post was lacking the empiricism I usually pride myself on. Makes me wonder if ANY teams deserve our support... 😊 Now I’m not Starmers biggest fan but that takes some understanding. They walk amongst us!
  15. Couldn’t decide where to put this. Decided here. The reason being, people who shouldn’t be allowed to access the internet. I’m talking about Lynnie by the way, not Sir Keir.😊
  16. They may be second but so far behind it doesn’t matter. We have never seen a situation like this. The Tory vote has collapsed. In any other voting system other than fptp, the minor parties would have more of an impact. Our system encourages wild claims to attract votes without any consequences. Strange times. According to the polls.
  17. Reform and the rest of the minor parties have to put forward ‘policies’ knowing they will never get into power. Not sure why it’s an issue with you. Even the major parties don’t fulfill their promises (they even bring in some they never promised) Sorry to interrupt your discussion with Bolty.👍
  18. Of course. I said I was voting for Julie Pattinson and the replies were interesting. Gives me another chance to post a link. https://www.reformparty.uk/bolton-south-and-walkden-constituency Has a good background in Care Work. ‘My working career has always been in the care/charity sectors.’ Better still is this, absolute essential for a politician today.😊 ‘I am not a career politician; I am just a working-class lass from the North’.
  19. 😊 Were you around or even interested when Tony Blair was Prime Minister? Anyway, the very left think Starmer is pro privatisation. https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2023/01/22/jsic-j22.html
  20. Yep. Until the trolls start looking at who you’re voting for😉
  21. No idea but even Wes Streeting is disappointed with Labours plans for Social Care.
  22. Social care is a major issue not just within the NHS but with the effects it has on other services, like the police. Anyway, it’s not high up on the priorities for Labour. https://www.communitycare.co.uk/2024/06/14/no-funded-social-care-commitments-in-labour-manifesto/
  23. The thing is, Reform are no different to the Greens, Lib Dem’s and any other minor party putting up candidates. They can say what they want, they'll never get into power. They can still have an impact though and people have every right to vote for who they like. Look at George Galloway in Rochdale. It may be reversed of course at the election. He may get in again though and he and his little party seem to be hell bent on removing Rayner in Ashton u lyne. (Doubt they will though)
  24. So much for ‘Change’ https://www.theguardian.com/society/article/2024/jun/15/labour-and-tories-would-both-leave-nhs-worse-off-than-under-austerity-says-thinktank
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