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  1. Best I’ve seen. Ball in, Germans out!
  2. Corners also. Corners are overrated. Wasn’t it Mourinho who said “only in England they cheer a corner”? All the pulling and shoving becomes a subjective decision for the referee. Change the rule so that only short corners are allowed. ie. The ball must be passed no more than 10-20 yards from the corner or a throw in. Controversial?
  3. Maybe. Saw him play for both United and Fulham. Was at the semi against Leeds in 69 at Burnden with some of my mates who were reds. Also met him at his club, Oscars, in Manc. His book, Blessed, is the best autobiography I’ve read. I could have been a Red. I’m not. 😊
  4. I saw Maradona at Wembley in 1980. No one can argue that he was world class. I’ve also seen George Best in his pomp. This may upset some people but Best was better. Don’t shoot the messenger.
  5. I guess is an age thing but I’ve seen more of the tv pundits play live than the players in the tournament. 😊
  6. 😊 Apart from Gareth Bale, Tim Ream and most of the Wales squad, I haven’t a clue.🤷‍♂️
  7. I’ve been lucky enough to see some great players over the years both watching Bolton and other matches. England and invites etc. How many of these current players at this World Cup have we seen at the Reebok?
  8. That’s unfair. Us Gammons don’t even know who he is!
  9. I’ll repeat what I’ve said every World Cup since 1966. We had a boring 0-0 draw against Uruguay in the first match of the tournament. We then went on to win it. The fact that I’ve said it so many times since and we haven’t won it shows that it’s pretty meaningless really. Keep the faith👍
  10. Been out again all afternoon and loved reading this whole thread after the match. 😅
  11. Was in Whalley on Sunday. Be a nice away day.
  12. 12th Oct 1992, Chester away. 2-0 down at half time and fans around us saying Rioch was the wrong manager and should go. It was the 12th match of the season and we’d only won 3. Reeves and McGinlay scored to even things up. We then went on to win 9 in the next 12. Went with Greavo and others that day. We finished 2nd. Its a marathon not a sprint.
  13. Just got back in after an afternoon out. What an entertaining thread.😊
  14. Just a little complaint about the shirt. The box that it comes in is a bit crap. Compared with the other commemorative shirts that’s been produced. For the cost of the shirt a couple of quid extra on presentation wouldn’t seem too excessive. Many collectors would agree. I’m sure it will sell out though. Nice shirt. I don’t usually complain but ….🤷‍♂️😊
  15. Artistic license. The chimneys in the background didn’t exist either.
  16. Read up on it a few years ago. Lowry himself said he was sat in an upstairs room in a cafe opposite the ground which is how he got the perspective. Edit. Dont think he painted the whole painting there. Just sketches.
  17. The Lowry painting has been sold for £7.8 million. Not a bad return for the PFA who used to own it. It’ll remain at the Lowry in Salford. Worth a look if anyone hasn’t seen the original. Many have the copy. I framed most of them.😊
  18. Was in Manchester today and had a good chat with some Copenhagen fans. They were quite surprised that I wasn’t a red or blue and told them about our Denmark contingent over the years. Wished them good luck because they will need it.
  19. Thought that was more of a penalty than the one given. My immediate reaction to the penalty was that he dived. Due to our angle, didn’t see the shirt pull. Don’t normally fall forward if you’re pulled from behind but I’ll take it.
  20. Great result. Started the day off by catching the wrong train at Bolton. Meant to catch the 1.50 to Horwich and got on a late arriving train that that didn’t stop at Horwich and ended up in Preston. School boy error 🤷‍♂️ Preston to Horwich arrived at 2.50. Just got in for the minutes silence. 85 min, had to go for a leak. Missed the goal. Still a great day though. Peterborough deserved nowt and got nowt.
  21. 😊 Hardly flying but he’s packing a lot into his 5 weeks here. I’m knackered.
  22. Brilliant day today at OT. Great cricket and great company. Left my two lads in Manchester and got a train home. Had a table to myself until Oxford Road. 3 young lads got on and joined me at the table. Plonked a case of Pilsner Urquel on the table and told me to help myself. Spent 25 minutes talking cricket and drinking with 3 great lads from Preston. Perfect end to a perfect day. 🏏🍺
  23. Kevin Davies would disagree!😊
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