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  1. So the Scousers didn’t win the title you say?
  2. First time I’ve ever applauded a goal scored by the opposition. That first for them was class.
  3. Another convincing win. Really looking forward to this season. International calls may affect the momentum but hopefully, plenty in reserve.
  4. Enjoyed the cricket at Lancs yesterday. Nice to see Josh Bohannon get his first ton. (First meaning he got a second today) Good chance of seeing two local lads playing for England this year.
  5. Planning on going to a few CC matches this year now I’m retired. First one on the 22nd. A lunch included with Big Sam. I’m not going with him, he’s the guest speaker.😊
  6. BobyBrno

    Wigan (A)

    Bought a takeaway pizza in Olomouc, Czech Republic, at lunchtime once and took it home on the plane for my youngest. A nice supper time treat for him.
  7. BobyBrno

    Al Mather

    Never met Al but spoke to him many times by phone. Really sad to hear this. I know he was 100% BWFC. RIP Al.
  8. I’ve been attending matches since 1966. I’ve never seen anything like the security yesterday. I have 4 family members who are/were in the force. I know the score. When police resources are stretched to the limit, as they are throughout the county, yesterday and at other recent matches have been a complete waste of police resources.
  9. I caught the train from Bolton also and was amazed at the security. I have a family member who works in a control room at GMP. The biggest problem they have is lack of Bobbies to attend jobs, sometimes these can be life threatening. There never seems to be a problem of numbers for a football match though. Bolton, City, United etc. Any GMP Bod reading this, sort your priorities out.
  10. “We are complicit, and we have welcomed their money, I'm certainly not innocent of that. Just organising a fundraiser for Russians for a new venue. They will give thousands, again because we know we are reliant on them. It gives them social capital in the capital.” From last Sunday on the politics thread. What people will do for a free mug. There’s no such thing as a free lunch.
  11. Told this before. We were in a pub near London Bridge before the game having a quiet pint. In walked about 30 lads. One of our group said “Look at that mean looking lot, we better move on” My son said “It’s ok, I went to school with half of them” 😊
  12. Yep. Kept us back until the home fans had gone.
  13. I’ll be watching and listening. Two rows behind.😉
  14. I’ve watched Bolton since 1966. I’ve never ever called anyone a cunt. If I was sat near you and you said that, I’d report you (under the new rules) How do you feel about that?
  15. I’ll take your word for it. Is it the police, Stasi or Gestapo?
  16. Anyway, this number that you phone/text to. Who is it? The police, Stasi, Gestapo? Is it legal?
  17. Obviously a Troll. Nothing better to do on a Friday night?
  18. Bolton, Bolton, Ra Ra Ra. Don't ever try to change what this club and fans are all about.
  19. You don’t get ejected for saying ‘cunt’ Allegedly. I’ve never resorted to the word myself. Nasty, simplistic form of abuse. Deserves a ban in my opinion.
  20. Great last night in Hobart. Earlier we were in a bar with the victorious Aussie team, later with the England team. Cricket doesn’t get better than this. Apart from the result of course.
  21. 😊Seems I/we were caught on camera. M was going to leave it there till today but it was obvious that wouldn’t be necessary. Guess it summed up the situation.
  22. Anyone watching on the tv, that was shite. Anyone over here watching live, that was shite. Commiserating in Hobart is so much better than in Bolton.
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