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  1. I like The Chase Tipping Point must be the worst ever.
  2. My mates 8 year old lad, never watches TV, everything is in his tablet, I think he and the tablet have "become one" as its permanently attached to him. He watches some real shit as well, like watching other people playing Mario kart, or I think I caught him once watching kids opening their Christmas presents. It's all very odd
  3. Even though the BBC is a wokey, left leaning, biased cabal with some sort of sinister agenda?* 🙂 *as some dicks would try and have us believe
  4. I've not paid a TV licence since I moved into this house almost three years ago. It wasn't a conscious thing, I only realised a few months ago when I got a letter telling me I had to. That letter is still in my "to do" tray. I'm sure I'll get round to it at some point
  5. He does get the abuse he deserves, on a regular basis In other news @tomskithe "fingering breakfast pub" is just about to re-open as a Vietnamese Restaurant.not sure if there will be any fingering involved yet though
  6. Mate had it, sent it back within the 30 days. He's a bit fussy though, as wanted 120Hz, as he fucks around with gaming shit, he also couldn't connect his wireless headset, and there is also no headphone jack if you want to be "wired" in. I didn't see it, as he didn't have it long enough, but he said it is/was a "chunky" bit of kit and didn't look very sleak (I think he said it's over 2 inches thick) With regards to relying on streaming, I think you can also plug in a normal freeview aerial as back up, if your broadband does go down for some reason. The sound he said was really good....but then it's a really "thick" unit, so you'd expect it to be I suppose
  7. You'd expect Toyota to be very happy, as it means they can keep their factory on stream for an extra five years, with out any major changes. Good news for them, and those who work for them
  8. China are massively contributing as TMGJ says - they do shit loads with renewables - ultimately, almost everybody will get their batteries from China, as only they will have the capacity to produce what is needed. Europe will never get anywhere near the manufacturing capacity it requires, not within the next 10 to 20 years anyway
  9. I visited an EV Charger customer today, and to say that they're hacked off is an understatement. The industry is already massively on it's arse, and now the can has been kicked at least 5 years down the road, the worry is that the sale of EVs will reduce even further. They've already recently had to lay off 30% of their workforce because of the down turn (sales are 60% down year on year), the worry is they may need to do further decisive action, as and when they get the full details (I was there at 11:00, before Sunak made the speach...but they already had a copy of it on the premises, not that I saw it)
  10. Battery manufacturing facilities, at a guess
  11. That will ultimately be pushed out again in a few years. Even 2035 is too soon.
  12. As soon as they announced they were pushing out the timeline, it was only a matter of time until we followed suit. No way did we want to "lead" on this sort of thing
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