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  1. The women; they fancy you if they see you kicking the shit out of a weasel.
  2. Utter nonsense from start to finish, piss poor acting and a ridiculous story line even a kid with ADHD high on a cocktail of Ritalin and MDMA couldn't write. The worst film, with a budget of over £100, ever produced in the memory of man. 0/10 The reason it scores as highly as zero, is only because Amber Heard looks quite nice in it. It's no wonder Johnny Depp started knocking fuck out of her, he probably caught a glimpse of the script she was reading for it, and was trying to beat some sense into her.
  3. Isn't that 2 birds 1 stoat, where a couple of rough looking druggies from some back street in Blackpool use a ferret, weasel or stoat like a double ended dildo. And indulge in a bit of "stoating", whilst the local window cleaner watches on?!?
  4. That is still a massive shitstorm, and you're right it's not getting the airtime it normally would, because of COVID. Not only are the ports fucked due to paperwork, but loads of their staff are off due to being pinged. I've got about $70K worth of product in Southampton docks somewhere, it's been sat there for 3 days so far, normally it would flush through in under 24 hours - our forwarder has advised us that it should be sorted by next Wednesday/Thursday......which is needs to, otherwise it'll slip into next month and delay my commission 🙂
  5. I know, who'd have thought it. He'll still have people sticking up for him though
  6. in fairness, the roll out has been very good......the problem is we've got too many fuckwits in the general population that don't want the vaccine.
  7. why? - are they only painting as high as the pitch level advertising boards?
  8. The Tomorrow War on Amazon Prime, it's not the worst film I've ever seen (only because Aquaman will always hold that title) but it's pretty close. Utter, utter shit. 1/10
  9. We've just got notification that our garden waste (green bin) isn't going to be collected this week, due to the council having too many refuse collectors off. So I guess I'll just have to get it all tipped into the black bin this week 😊
  10. that's the issue, especially in this nice weather.
  11. Loads of our customers have folk off at the minute, we're also apparently struggling to get product in and out to custoemrs (DHL & UPS), as they're working on minimal staff numbers at the depots. One of those couriers didn't even bother turning up yesterday afternoon
  12. They're certainly not UK made, and I'm not sure they claim they are either these days, like a lot of companies, they'll infer that they are - although I appreciate that TMGJ said they were for some reason. I know we ship some bits to central Europe, but only the circuit board parts, I'm sure the actual motors and fans do come from China, as you'd expect them to. Having a quick gander at their accounts, and the Meaco (UK) Limited only employ 7 people, which stacks up with it just being office/admin here in the UK
  13. Yes, they are in bed with a larger corporation, I'm not sure who it is though to be honest. Most of what they sell here is actually made in Central Europe though (Romania or Poland I think) and then trucked across here to the UK direct to the warehouses of their distributors. They used to do final assembly here in the UK, but moved most of it offshore about 18 months ago. They still place their orders via their UK office, which is near Woking from memory, so we still get the sale and commission, which is nice 😊 Anyway, their products, as said above, are decent, I'm well pleased wit
  14. Yes, the suggested any place with a capacity of over 16,000 people - the problem is, we have that, but we'll only be getting 13,000 people through the door, so why should we have that hassle, and also does it mean in order to go to a game, would you have to gert there really early in order to have your documents/app checked?!?! It's not been thought out properly at all.
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