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  1. I presume he means Labour voters, not everybody
  2. I think NiC did a "Bolty Fact Check" on this a few months ago, and debunked the "one term" idea
  3. Indeed. All Labour, in reality, have had to do is just not be The Conservatives. They've destroyed themselves, sadly. Still, a couple of terms out, and they may come back stronger and better. It will be interesting to see if they do split, when they get thrashed at the next GE
  4. It all makes my head fall off, the numbers/sizes are so big, it's just too difficult to comprehend
  5. As was correct at the time, think about it, it's virtually impossible to go from having a majority in excess of 80 seats to being kicked out of power, unless several things go horribly wrong. I don't know historically, but could the upcoming GE be the largest ever swing and see the most amount of seats ever lost by a sitting Government?
  6. also, why is most of the food denser than a collapsed star?
  7. I assume it won't take very long to find a ridiculous conspiracy theory.......
  8. Definitely. I actually got just over 800 miles out a single tank of my dirty diesel last week, and it worked out at just under 10p a mile, which is pretty decent - so I also won't be rushing to get an EV anytime soon (although Mrs Sweep has just got a Mini Electric, which is nice enough, but has an absolute dogshit range of only about 150 miles)
  9. I think I'd rather wear a loaf of Warbys bread on my feet than Walsh trainers. To be fair, I don't think anybody really thinks Warbys is decent, it's doughy shite....as is most processed "long life" bread
  10. Correct. There are also already rumblings that it will be pushed back again in a few more years. The people I deal with are already talking about a push back to 2040, with Hybrids being pushed back to 2045. Whilst that sounds a long way out, it'll be around 2045/2050 before we have suitable infrastructure in the UK to accommodate a large amount of EVs on the road (and this is from their figures/research, not me guessing) - there is also talk, that within the next 20/25 years that a "synthetic" fuel could be manufactured to make it economical enough to use in ICE engines, which would mean we never need to go fully EV. I suspect that like Hydrogen, that's a long, long way off in reality.
  11. That's my experience of them, I think the word I would use is "underwhelmed" - I suspect even the good people of Stoke know they're actually shit, but pretend to like them as to keep some sort of tradition alive (similiar to Northern folk with regards to Lobby and Black Peas etc)
  12. The two largest EV Charger manufacturers in the UK have both recently made over 25% of their manufacturing workforce redundant, due to lack of orders. One of them, made 25% redundant just before Christmas as well. The whole EV industry is absolutely fucked at the minute, and it's not helping my pocket one bit
  13. To be fair, he loved Boris, so he may well think Benny boy is OK as well
  14. You're mixing me up with somebody else. I've never voted Labour, and probably never will
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