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  1. Sweep

    B team

    indeed, you'd expect them to smash our first team to be fair
  2. Sweep

    MK Dons Away

    Do you reckon that lapdancing bar is still there?
  3. No, it's a foul of you do that
  4. There will no doubt be some dewy eyed individuals who would want us to sign him, but we've moved on, and he's shown he's sadly not really up to league football in this country anymore
  5. Indeed, and neither of his two goals are in the league either. Sadly, he's just turned out to be a bit shit. The £3M we got for him, now, looks to have been pretty good business.
  6. One of our customers said similar, I think he referred to it as "Cricket for people who don't like cricket" and another customer said he didn't want to watch cricket with loads of screaming kids. I've not watched any of it at all, I just imagine it's the same as 20/20, but purely designed to try and get young children into the game isn't it?
  7. For some reason, my work "acquired" 20 tickets for The Oval (Tuesday 23rd August) - at present we honestly can't give them away, absolutely zero interest from anybody so far. They might go nearer the day, but at present, we can't get any customers or staff to even consider it. Any tickets we get for a 50 over match, or a day at a proper test, generally go in about 10 minutes as customers are all over them
  8. My mate always uses his watch. On occasion, people look at him like he's an alien for doing so.
  9. I think @L/H White wraps his cans of beer in tinfoil to keep them cold when he's on an away day
  10. They just like having something to moan about
  11. Or Scotch teams....
  12. You know what, I went to all of them....but I don't remember any postponement at all. The first game, the 3:3, I remember us getting there early, in the back of an HB Electronics van (as I worked there at the time) - I vaguely recall Mark Came with a 90th minute equaliser - the rest of the game a complete blank. I also recall, the home game and thinking, for years, that Cowdrill had thwacked from a fair distance out, and at far more of an angle than it actually was (similar to the Van Basten goal in the Euro Cup Final) - funny how the mind plays tricks
  13. unless it's some sanitary products of course
  14. Jumper for Goalposts stuff now, AFC Fylde, with another former Bolton "favourite" Stephen Dobbie who must be about 50 now
  15. Indeed, well done Mrs D for highlighting the issue 👍
  16. I remember that fondly. He just said "That's poor" shook his head a few times and then walked off back under the stand 🙂
  17. drinking his warm Guinness out of a plastic glass, he fucking loved it
  18. Very much this......sadly
  19. Sadly it's not what it once was. I think @L/H Whiteis still in mourning, he loved it in there
  20. Can we get one autographed by Dick Smiley? 😁
  21. I do this, try to pay by card when possible, but always have an emergency £50/£100 in cash
  22. Our local village club recently went to cashless.....in the last couple of weeks, sales have gone up. The general thought is that turnover has gone up, because people don't just have £10 in their pocket, have three pints and then go home, they stay longer and spend more now that they're not using "real cash" You do now see people giving other people cash now, and then those other people using their cards, which can look a bit like clandestine drug deals. Still, it seems to be working for them
  23. It's amazing that people can't get "lend" and "borrow" the right way round.
  24. I like how he quietly goes about his business
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