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  1. @Mounts Kipperwill be along shortly to tell you it's absolutely nothing to do with Brexit
  2. He was absolutely terrible. Farage, if he wants to get any traction, needs to stop anybody else from the Party speaking on TV
  3. They're only here for 1 election, and they'll get maybe 3 million votes and 2 or 3 seats - they'll then vanish before the next GE, as by then, the Conservative Party will have sorted themselves out, and I suspect, may well have Farage as leader.
  4. I'm sure there will be teams of journalists, busy-bodies and amateur sleuths scrolling through millions of posts/tweets now for all the Reform candidates looking for something/anything to try and discredit them
  5. I think I saw something where Farage and/or Tice said that as they have decided to stand 600+ candidates, they've just not had the time to vet them all, so it'll be no surprise if they do find one or two more instances like this, especially given the sort of person who is interested in that particular party
  6. Sweep

    Euro 24

    So the players didn't bottle it then?
  7. I actually ignore people who let me out/through on purpose, just because I know it enrages them. Especially if I'm driving a BMW I love it when they chuck a wanker sign at me 😊
  8. Even Farage says it's been a fuck up
  9. Same as Johnson, he really didn't want to win. Farage would certainly be a lot happier now, if we were still in the EU, and he was still an MEP
  10. In the form of Water Cannon and Cattle Prods?
  11. I think they'll get 3 or 4 million votes, with a lot of these based on their headline policies. The fact they're going to cause a disruption is a good thing. I'm not sure anybody, even Reform supporters, and most of all Farage, would actually want them in power, because if they followed their manifesto we'd be bankrupt within a couple of years. Let's be honest, Farage is using Reform as a vehicle to get the job he really wants, which is the leadership of the Conservative party
  12. The NHS is beyond saving, it just needs parts of it selling off now
  13. You've used eleven words more than you needed to there. You could have just said "cricket" 🙂
  14. People who say "a cheeky nandos" should be murdered
  15. They wouldn't open that can of worms up when they've got an open goal - it may get brought up a few years into their tenure, but to do so now probably wouldn't see a dramatic change/increase in their support, so no point. I do think one of the "big" parties will mention it next time around though, and it'll probably be Labour....but of course that does depend what the EU looks like in 3 or 4 years time. Some would have us believe it's going to become more right wing, if so, even the Tory Party might want back in 😁
  16. Lovely here in the shires today, just about to take the dogs for a walk
  17. Nazi Socialist Dogs, hungry ones, that like to bum humans (and then eat them)
  18. I don't disagree that it's the last 5 or 6 years that have been a shitstorm, sadly since they let that fucking idiot (Johnson) run the show, Brexit has also, like it or not, had an impact. I'm aware that other Governments around the world have also had the same issues, and I'm sure they'll also be ousted. Just because we've had a few issues, it doesn't mean we should forgive how some of is has been handled. The Conservative Party only have themselves to blame for the impact that Farage and Reform are likely to have in the next few weeks. They've been infighting for 6 or 7 years, and that's coming home to roost.
  19. English people who pretend they like Celtic/Rangers, and claim it's nothing to do with politics/religion - they need to be castrated.
  20. A lot of those who supported it, will start to distance themselves from it and claim they're all for the Reform Party now (see Bolty...)
  21. where as nobody would regret leaving Sunak in charge would they?
  22. Fist Past the Post? edit: just see Satan beat me to it 🙂
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