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  1. Like some of my mates have....wait for a relative to peg it, so you have a chunk for the deposit and then take it a 35 year mortgage..... 35 years!
  2. That's made me laugh far more than it should have
  3. Loake are brilliant, I had a pair that lasted about 10 years, sadly, I accidently left them in Germany a few years ago
  4. I'm not sure we'll ever go back.....but then some who voted leave (and especially Miami) suggested that as soon as the UK left, it would start a chain reaction and others would join us in leaving, which would lead to the collapse of the EU.......
  5. You'd have thought so, they'll just be too expensive though and/or unable to mass produce sufficient quantities.
  6. There will be no downside to Brexit, only a considerable upside David Davis
  7. good point, depending on fit, I'm generally an 8 or an 8.5, if you could order a pair of each, I'll let you know which fit best
  8. I've not bought any, but I havce been looking at getting some of these for work: Men's Leather Sneakers & Trainers | Casual Footwear – LANX (lanxshoes.com) Ideally though, you should crack on and buy some, and let me know if they're any good before I splash out 🙂
  9. well he's bald. He was in the army for years, so I suspect he must have had a few bumps on the head or been subjected to some chemicals when he was in Iraq, hence him now being a fucking simpleton
  10. I know a bloke, who is still convinced that COVID and 5G are somehow linked - he said he's not see enough evidence to prove that they're not. When challenged, and we ask him to provide any evidence, he comes up with a load of shit he's seen on the internet, and then says that it's actually for people to prove that they're not linked, rather than the other way around. He's a fucking huge loon, who lives his life looking for problems/conspiracies that aren't there. He also, has it on good authority, that the CIA were behind 9/11 as well 🙂
  11. Bizarrely, some people think he is, and don't realise everything he does is very carefully orchestrated. The ill fitting suits, the messed up hair, the general bumbling around, it is all done for effect, and it's served him very well. He's a very clever bloke, who doesn't give a fuck about anybody other than himself, who knows how to play to his audience.
  12. Indeed, there is a cost of living crisis, and it will affect some more than others, and I have some sympathy for those who will be struggling because of this rise. The main issues is obviously for mortgages, but I'm fixed for the next 5 years, so that doesn't impact me.
  13. It's good for the old savings, I'm hoping this won't be the last one that we see this year, but I suspect it will be
  14. Correct, they don't need to do anything more than they are doing for at least another 12 months.
  15. Polar doughnut cuckold creampie snow bomb combo clean-up
  16. Summers come early up your way then
  17. I have a good feeling about this game, I reckon we'll bash them about 4:0
  18. It's 4 letters, and you've managed to get one of them wrong 😁
  19. not at the minute, but we sheltered a little bit where I live
  20. Back on to the subject of this thread..... It's a lovely day today, the bifolds have been open all day, and the heating switched off. Long may it continue
  21. Whatever one is, they're apparently infiltrating our armed forces, so much so that TMGJ is concerned it seems, so it must be fairly serious. I've not seen/heard any examples thus far, but it must be pretty serious if the likes of us mere mortals are now becoming aware of it
  22. Tard-Tard A person who is so stupid they don't deserve being called a retard once but twice in the same word. This can also be used when the words fucktard, dumbass, and moron just cant portray and person's lack of simple intelligence. "Shut up you tard-tard"
  23. I think a few people said we'd be at the back of the queue with regards to getting a deal (Obama being one of them) this was, by some remainers (I'm not saying you) suggested as part of Project Fear, and that we would be getting a trade deal. Like you, I'm not overly concerned, as I know we were never going to get a trade deal anytime soon, it was incredibly obvious, but it's not unreasonable for those who thought we were getting one, to ask why we're now not. I'm not sure it is all about chlorinated chicken 😉 As an aside, even if we did start to import chlorinated chicken, as long as it's marked as such, I don't see the problem, the consumer can choose if they want it or not. It's not like the Government are remotely arsed if it impacts on our domestic chicken farmers.
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