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  1. The African nations are definitely a lot shitter than they were a decade ago or so, it's a shame, but I'm not sure we'll see anything other than European or South American teams winning, or even coming close to winning the WC in our lifetimes
  2. Make them £30 or £40 quid, and you can easily work out how the maths plays out surely.......
  3. We were offered 4 "premium seats" free of charge for the semi final at The Emirates Stadium last night. Its on Saturday 12th November, so they're certainly dragging this tournament out. I'd have gone, but my other mates said they'd rather not, so we turned them down. The bloke offering this tickets said he's been trying to get rid of them all week and is struggling a bit. I'm not sure why they think having a semi final in London is a good idea, surely having it in somewhere like Wigan, Widnes or Hull would be better would it not?
  4. I've not watched any of it, but somebody on the radio yesterday was saying the attendances have been really poor, and said its been marketed really badly. Has it been that bad?
  5. It's gone upmarket and is now going to be called the "Leopards Lounge"
  6. An absolutely awful attempt at alliteration
  7. Is there any particular reason for that?
  8. I've just seen it, I think it looks really shit - and it is down to the nonsense around the neck
  9. Very impressive at those prices. I honestly didn't think there were that many people who actually liked the sport
  10. well that's cleared that up then
  11. probably too much money floating around to cancel it.... I've just been saying to my mate, I won't actually be watching it as I have no interest in it. I really don't see, other than money, what's in it for either of them. I'd expect Eubank to smash Benn within 6
  12. Benn failed a drug test? Seen a few rumours flying around, might all be bollocks though
  13. Sweep

    B team

    indeed, you'd expect them to smash our first team to be fair
  14. No way. There will only be about 500 people on at those sorts of prices
  15. that's what he was on Saturday night
  16. I think he struggles against both Usyk and Wilder, as he leaves himself open quite a lot. I do think he'd do Joshua though
  17. Sweep

    MK Dons Away

    Do you reckon that lapdancing bar is still there?
  18. No, it's a foul of you do that
  19. There will no doubt be some dewy eyed individuals who would want us to sign him, but we've moved on, and he's shown he's sadly not really up to league football in this country anymore
  20. Indeed, and neither of his two goals are in the league either. Sadly, he's just turned out to be a bit shit. The £3M we got for him, now, looks to have been pretty good business.
  21. AJ wins by 4th round stoppage £25 on at 33/1 for a bit of intetest
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