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  1. indeed, in vast numbers it appears
  2. Give it tine, folk will be exaggerating it even more, and start dropping Hitler into it
  3. Could they not just fly past with a knitting needle taped to a broom handle being held out of the window - like a type of rudimentary joust and just pop them?
  4. You did better than me.....I'm sure plenty of Gammons will think the video is funny though. Does he still do his hilarious "Chalkie" voice ?
  5. By doing barrel rolls in our spitfires
  6. @tomskiis a darkie as well don't forget
  7. Maybe, I personally think they'll go with setting something up in Germany. All the battery and battery/energy storage manufacturers we deal with are setting up in Germany at the minute, and in the main they say it's because of the advanced work force and infrastructure. Either way, we'll soon find out, it's a shame that at the minute we're not even under consideration. I agree that we should be targeting high end manufacturing, but there's no reason we couldn't/shouldn't be looking at targeting both "high end" also "low end fulfilment" manufacturing. Without knowing the profit margins, supply chains (local or not?!?) and employment levels involved, I couldn't tell you which of the deals, BAE or BYD is actually better for the economy......which is why I'd like us to be able to do both
  8. that's pretty much it, as far as I can recall
  9. The BAE orders are good news, the EV car one not as good - rough and smooth.....let's hope the war in Ukraine lasts quite a bit longer, so we get further orders coming into the country In reality, at present, you'd have to be a fucking idiot to set up a new automotive production facility here in the UK, even the most ardent of Brexit lovers would agree I'm sure. Maybe if things change in a few years it'll be different, but for now, it's not really a big surprise to anybody that this particular company would prefer to do something within the EU
  10. Funny you say that... Listening to the radio phone ins this weekend, there were as many people calling in to say the BBC to "left leaning" as there were calling in to say it's too "right leaning" - both sides, equally puddled in my opinion. I did notice Fiona Bruce was coming in for a lot of stick though, as being particularly "right leaning" and always ensuring the Tories are "looked after" (I wouldn't know either way, as QT is just utter shit these days, and it basically looks like a shouting competition any time I see a bit of it)
  11. absolutely no chance, unless Bolty proves everybody wrong, and does chalk it down as a "loss" for his side (whatever that is)
  12. Indeed, Gammons twisting themselves inside out all weekend
  13. @bolty58won't be happy about that - although, I suspect like everybody else, he knew that Lineker would "win" anyway What I don't understand is this logic of wanting free speech, but not form certain people - that just doesn't make any sense at all
  14. It certainly is, I thought he was dead
  15. The whole Lineker thing is getting a bit silly now. He won't apologise, but the BBC will still have him back on within a week or two I'd have thought.
  16. Indeed, lovely in the shires today. Still a bit chilly, but clear skies and loads of sun
  17. It depends where you live surely, I'm not sure there are too many where I live. Unless they're keeping themselves well hidden
  18. How does that sit with regards Alan Sugars tweets then? How could he do them, if the BBC is so left leaning, why didn't they stop him, or censor him?
  19. I have a sneaking suspicion that she'll be the next leader of the Conservative Party, Sunak will be gone after the next GE, and she'll be in pole position. She knows that what she's suggesting will absolutely never happen, but it plays perfectly to the more "gammony" side of the party and their supporters. Brexit, which got them over the line last time is no longer something they can use, as they've managed to make a bit of a pigs ear out of it thus far (even an ardent Brexiteer like Farage keep banging on that it's a balls up) so their next battle ground is immigration (which they've spent the last 12 or so years absolutely fucking up)
  20. I suppose the harder the UK is seen to be, the less likely migrants might be inclined to travel to the UK...thus meaning they don't bother transiting into France
  21. Aye, there's loads of them up and down the country (I don't know how many, but I have seen absolutely loads of them popping up over the last few months. I assume it's some sort of franchise deal. I'm sure the food is OK, but it'll be ingredients provided from HQ, with a fixed way of putting them together I'd have thought, which I guess is OK if it's cheap enough. Almost like an Indian McDonalds 🙂
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