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  1. good point, I hadn't thought about that. Betfair are currently only offering odds of 1.24 to 1 Which is rubbish
  2. So are we confident that the boys will do it tomoorrow Casino? It's just there is a bloke I was speaking to earlier who said we would be skittled out and wouldn't make it. He's that confident he has given me odds of 2/1 - but he won't take a bet of more than ??50 Should I take it?
  3. it's alive and well and being practised in specialist clubs around Widnes. Oh sorry, "White" Love........................I though it said Goat Love
  4. I've just had a little half time tickle on the draw ??10 on. Lets see what happens
  5. Dioufs dad went to Bingo?
  6. "Bumming" is such a vulgar phrase. I make love to my goats, I don't bum them
  7. Dad: BWFC Mum: BWFC Brother: BWFC All Mrs CWP's family: Sunderland
  8. there were no necrophillia questions cwp!!! Hmmm ..........that could be it
  9. It's just not going my way today. Gretna 3:0 up with 8 minutes to go..................and they draw 3:3
  10. I only got 11/40 - what the hell's wrong with me?
  11. I've just gone for a single on Gretna at Partick. Odds are 1.92
  12. I'm going to go for a drab and lifeless 0:0 - in fact I care that little about it I am going out instead of watching it
  13. I know that it isn't the main bet, that's why I just had a little ??20 tickle on it Glad I only had the ??20
  14. why, what went wrong, have you had a big loss?
  15. Also stuck ??10 on Mansfield to beat Bury @ 2.06 on Betfair
  16. If you stake ??10 on each with two-way double bets, then you would get a minimum of 2-1 (for a ??40 outlay) With willhill.com at the minute, you would enjoy the following returns for ??10 on each bet: Macc & Boston both draw (??99 return) Macc draw & Boston win (??78.21 return) Macc win & Boston draw (??150.00 return) Macc & Boston both win (??118.50 return) I'm just not convinced enough that Macc are good enough though, so I will just have ??5 So, ??20 layed out..............let's see what comes back
  17. What will the headlines be? Fans get Balls out? Balls? BWFC says to Balls to Charity?
  18. semi-inflate one, and stick it down the back of your trousers and just pretend that you've got a big squidgy bum........................
  19. Missus C, there are more people into a spot of Necro' than you would care to imagine 8-[
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