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  1. Agreed, I'd have Trent absolutely nowhere near playing RB for England - OK if playing with 3 CBs and we need a right sided wingback, but I'm not happy with him at FB For leftback, I'd hope that Chilwell is back in time, if not, then possibly Saka playing LWB I don't think we'll be 4-4-2 when it comes to is anyway, I think more likely to be 3-5-2, Pickford Walker - Maguire - Stones James - Rice - Phillips - Foden - Chilwell/Saka Kane - Grealish
  2. I went on Twitter last night, first time in about 6 months, just to see the reaction to this new sponsorship deal. Fucking hell, what a bunch of utter loons. I can't believe that some people seem to think we should be attracting the likes of Samsung or Apple to be on our shirts
  3. Just wait until they do.....
  4. they will Sadly those dicks don't seem to realise that no fucker wants to sponsor a league 1 team.....
  5. Stuck in the Championship, having hung around in League One until 2026, crowds are down all over the country, as people have fallen out of love with the game again, and we're playing in front of just 9000 people per week. There is talk of a merger with Wigan. Our Manager is Keiran Lee, appointed because "he knows the club" and is seen as a safe pair of hands, having guided Oldham back into the league The PL now consists of only 16 clubs, and is now much more competitive, with City, Liverpool, UTD, Chelsea, Arsenal, Spurs & Newcastle having left to form a European Super League, that consists of 2 divisions of 12 clubs each. Each team plays each other 3 times (1 home, 1 away & 1 "neutral" venue....in Asia or the US) - the winner of each division has an end of season play off to see who the ultimate champion of Europe is.
  6. I think the quarters is about where we are these days, we're certainly not in the top 4 of the world. I'd see the quarters as being reasonably successful, I certainly don't think we have the quality to be winning it, or even to get to the final. Hopefully I'm wrong, and we get a nice cushy roll through to the semi-finals like we did in the last WC
  7. Sweep


    Whatever happened to that other lunatic, Disley, or whatever he's called who also reckoned he was going to buy BWFC?
  8. Sweep

    FV and IE

    I think this is always a "romantic" thing that people say. If he's offered enough money elsewhere, he'll be off. I'm sure Barrow fans thought he might stay to see through his "project" there.......until a much better offer came his way. If somebody like Blackburn offered him the job, he'd go, no question about it
  9. wonder what ever happened to them...... anyway, you'll never beat this beauty
  10. He's great if you're playing with a back five and using him as one of the wing backs, not so much in a flat back four though
  11. Norwich seem to have a business model of going up, coming down, going up, coming down and just pocketing the majority of the money. Over the last season, I'm sure I heard they had only spent about £25M, once you net the departures off against the arrivals. Still, I guess they're happy doing that, and not getting into shit loads of debt, when in reality they know they'll never really have a chance of winning the PL, or even qualifying for the CL
  12. Sweep


    Harry Saggy Face Redknapp was always fond of that one
  13. It's amazing to think that an Italian team hadn't won a European trophy in over a decade, but I think it just shows how utterly shit the Italian league is these days
  14. agreed, which is why I think he goes 3-4-2-1 initially (which can drop to a 5-4-1 with wingbacks) If I was to guess the starting line up for our opening game of the WC, I'd be going Pickford Walker Maguire Stones TTA Phillips Rice Saka Foden Sterling Kane
  15. Temps will be the same for everybody - and the grounds, as they're airconditioned, will keep the temperature fairly stable apparently (I'd hate to be paying those leccy bills)
  16. Southgate has a decent record as our manager, the results show that, unless you can find another manager we've had of late who has done better - I don't think we've done anything "despite" him at all. He is quite defensive, but sadly, that's tournament football for you in general. We'll be there or there abouts this Winter, I don't think we win it though, as we don't have good enough players, especially at CB where we're sadly lacking
  17. wow, that's even duller than watching an actual game of snooker, well done.
  18. yes, it was paid directly into my bank account yesterday, which was a nice little bonus, we're possibly getting another £1K towards it at the end of October apparently, but I'll not hold my breath on that one just yet
  19. Agreed. The Government should keep the money, and use it to reduce the high Council Tax bills we have here in the South East for a year or two 😏
  20. I agree he's not getting it back, which is why he might not agree to a sale. There will be some work around though, no way will Chelsea FC be allowed to go to the wall over this
  21. Foul shot that I reckon, you have to have at least one foot on the floor
  22. Also has the potential for a fucking good 4:0 or 5:0 stuffing, sadly 😲
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