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  1. Exactly what I thought. Your mate probably thinks it's him against the bank - so why not screw them? In reality, he's probably making her life a misery at the minute. She is a real person. did she have big tits?
  2. I did all three as well! Why on earth would Parliment block the takeover? - the Man Ure fans live in their own little world. They say in that article that Man United is British company and should be owned by British people. have they not realised that Glazer owns 30% and Magnier & McManus (who are Irish) also own around 30% - so 60%(ish) of the club at least is already in foreign hands. gary nevilles!
  3. Jimmy White is just doing what Michael Jackson did a few years ago, but in reverse. Jimmy used to be White, but now he's Brown Michael used to be Brown, but now he's White!
  4. Uriah Rennie Mark Battenburg
  5. just been on Sky Sports that Malcolm Chrisite is out for the rest of the season with a broken foot (again), so that's another of their first teamers out injured. I always get a bit nervous when we play against a severely depleted team, for some reason
  6. I'll go a fiver as well. He could get all the Bury fans to pledge a fiver as well.............that should swell the coffers by about ??35
  7. another snooker player could be Tony Meo - naize or Tony Knowlesley Safari park
  8. or to put it another way, one Dean Holdsworth and a couple of Gareth Farrellys (as that is how much their combined transfer fees and wages probably cost us) #-o
  9. I once met a girl who had a fanny that looked like a rather badly packed kebab!
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