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  1. Why would you need a flat clean surface? [-X otherwise your coke might spill (for the non-drinkers amongst you) O:)
  2. Why would you need a flat clean surface? [-X to roll pastry out on
  3. or a small specialised metal plate with razor type thingy insert that fits nicely into the back of a fag packet! it's amazing what you can buy for ??3.50 down Hitchin market these days!
  4. isn't that full of bearded real ale drinkers?
  5. In my local, down in Bedfordshire, the landlord has started spraying the flat surfaces in the toilets with WD40, in order to stop any......... :-# we've cunningly worked a fail safe method though - so normal service is resumed!
  6. No, but if he dresses like that he's gonna get some 'stick' Could really get on my 'wick' that What? Us waxing lyrical about a footballer? This thread could go into melt down
  7. He played 60 minutes for the reserves last night (also got booked) By the way we won 2:1 against Leeds - Kaku socred a penalty, and the Polish 16yr old centrehalf (who's name I can't spell) scored with a header as well
  8. I presume that is supposed to say Brothel........... so Prostitute :br
  9. do you eat the urinapple chunks from the Gents?
  10. delighted when Dickov missed his penalty, the obnoxious little turd
  11. of course not, had he been playing for us though they would have been baying for him to be stoned, hung, drawn and quartered.!
  12. It does sound a bit like a homosexual euphonism............ "I'm taking my boyfriend up the Cattle Market later this evening"
  13. just out of interest, which pub did you usually frequent before our matches at Burnden - I was generally a Cattle Market bod meself. Also, does anybody know if The Cattle Market does any trade these days, have not been there for years - I know that King Bill & Wagon 'n' Horses have now closed
  14. And if he is found guilty, no doubt all his albums will start selling by the bucket load again - I for one think that once he is convicted, any royalties he gets should be given to charity Having said that, he'll need some protection money if he does go inside - incase he gets locked up with "Mr Big" who's "in" with the warders!
  15. I think it could be some sort of "sideline coaching" - Big Sam gives them instructions for our African contingent, and they play them out in some sort of tribal/jungle drum code I wondered who sam was talking to on his mobile in the first half, it was that fuckwit with the bongos ::::::::::::::
  16. it's got the same skin colouring as Dale Winton!
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