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  1. I think it could be some sort of "sideline coaching" - Big Sam gives them instructions for our African contingent, and they play them out in some sort of tribal/jungle drum code I wondered who sam was talking to on his mobile in the first half, it was that fuckwit with the bongos ::::::::::::::
  2. it's got the same skin colouring as Dale Winton!
  3. Do you not agree with a spot of Bishop bashing?
  4. I'll be there, just got my tickets (??35 each, bloody rip off!) - according to the ticket office we have only sold around 400 (that was as of Monday morning)
  5. he's been a "dead pool" favourite for many years now - as was the Queen Mother until last year obviously.
  6. if it's true, that must have been planned, excellent!
  7. that was proper sunday league defending for their goal. to be fair, the chances of three players all cocking up like that again are quite remote. Ben Haim: I think this guy looks to be a real prospect, remember he is only 21-22ish years old and already captain of his country. He could, in theory, play for us for 10+ years! Gardner: getting better and better, remember that he has had two major injuries in his time with us and he still has a quality "engine" and keeps going non-stop! Jussi: After being dropped for the WBA game, he seems to be back to his best - still lacking a bit of command in the area, but still one of the better keepers in the Prem
  8. it's part of the joy of having a half decent squad for once, nobody is guaranteed a place (except Jussi!) - they all know that if they don't put the effort in, then somebody else will.
  9. I don't think Spurs will get abused for "long ball" tactics though like we do, as the press love them!
  10. I also had ??10 each way at 50/1, and another ??10 each way today at 20/1 - I won't make a million, but it'll pay for my trip to cardiff if we get there!!
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