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  1. or maybe you could learn how to use a toilet ? incontinence is not a laughing matter................shit I just pissed meself again
  2. Van Nistlerooy has really let himself go since he got injured hasn't he!
  3. disgraceful, I wonder how many people had to have a meeting to release that statement. I can imagine the meeting: Chief of Police: "Right, muggings are up 10%, rape is up 35% and common assault is spiralling out of control - but before we attack those issues, I heard that PC Higgins got a free cup of tea at Sandbach, how can we stop it happening again?" Other Police Bigwig: "I don't know, but it's out of order, this country is going to the dogs, we need to stop these free brews!"
  4. My Father died of cancer last year, in the last few days of his life Bolton Hospice really took care of him and made him as comfortable as possible. My Mother still goes there for bereavement councelling - they do a fantastic job, so I would suggest them
  5. if he isn't good enough for Celtic, then he isn't good enough for us.
  6. well said, there is too much pussyfooting around - at least you have the balls to stand up an be counted Mr Smiley! British my arse, they gave that rite up when they decided they would go and fight against our boys. I live only a few miles from Luton, and you want to see some of the anti-British propoganda that is put up on the lamp-posts and walls in certain parts of the town centre. By the way, I only go into Luton very occasionaly when me and the wife venture to the Casino there. (I was trying to refrain from saying, I go when I want to "enter the old Casino...........incase the moderator took offence)
  7. the dude in the hat doesn't look like he should be allowed dead bodies
  8. I'm sure she might give you a cold front Mostly dry but becoming damper later on in lower regions Fresh to start with but becoming wet and wild as the evening progresses. Tomorrows expected early morning freshness could be replaced by violent winds
  9. I'm sure she might give you a cold front I'll get me coat
  10. can't you only loan one player from any other Premiership side?
  11. bloody hell, you average 10.53 posts per day - that's some going. I take my hat off to your ability to be able to skive to such a level
  12. Andrea whatever she's called from TV-AM
  13. El Fadge Diouf Dong Thach (in think he play's in the BWFC academy) Stefan Kuntz Patrick Klitvert
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