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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021


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  1. I agree, it looks like a public right of way - even the ramblers don't stop to watch.
  2. He is a class act, and would be sorely missed if he left us. I'm sure he would get a place in any team outside the top 3 (and even Arsenal could probably do with somebody like him at the moment)
  3. are you sure he wasn't on that grassy knoll just behind the away stand?
  4. Jackburn 0 BWFC 3 (Nolan, Diouf & Pederson) Just call me optimistic, in fact, I think I'll have ??1 on 3:0 with Nolan first goal scorer!
  5. do you have leather elbow patches on your tweed jacket by any chance, and still point at aeroplanes, shouting 'look look, it flies with the birds, 'tis the stuff of wizardry and witchcraft'? planes are the stuff of wizadry and witchcraft as is electrickery!
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