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  1. or you could use a real old school word........................Joey (only people over a certain age will remember this one)
  2. If you really want danger, do it in an unoccupied pew when the collection plate is coming around
  3. at least I know now. I have recently moved over from Rivals, as I was annoyed by some of the idiots on there (ever heard of Fanzantwat?) - I post occasionaly, but am considering even knocking that on the head
  4. I suppose a penalty is a little bit too far out for Mr Cole
  5. Perhaps there was something wrong with the farside of the pitch, as you can see we have nobody on our rightside, and Naarwich have nobody on their leftside. There are also only 16 players in view, which means that 6 players must be crammed on the Norwich right-back area - that's OK, but the ball is in our half. Are you sure the person who has taken this photo hasn't edited out a few players?
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