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  1. talking of MPs, what about Lembit Opik, he looks proper wrong
  2. I'll only really start to worry when Talibs closes down and I can't get my stone-wash jeans anymore
  3. The sun is past the yard arm, get on it!
  4. I have a feeling that Coyle might think he deserves a higher profile job than the Doncaster one
  5. Yes, here are their main boys
  6. Sweep


    As long as you're reading indoors or in the shade you'll be OK, you won't be able to see the screen in direct sunlight though as it's got a transmissive display rather than a transflective one
  7. The problem there is it'll cost tens and possibly hundreds of millions of pounds to sort out, where are they going to find that sort of moeny in the current climate?
  8. ....bollocks, just been advised I have to have a conference call at 06:30 on Monday morning - it'll only last about 15 minutes, fuck knows what state I'll be in as I'll no doubt be out all day on Sunday (with it not being a school day the day after)
  9. You've been listening to that thruster Nick Grimshaw? - I'm shocked and horrified in equal measure
  10. ....to be honest, I "work" from home on Monday anyway, so there won't be much difference for me anyway
  11. I didn't know it was a bank holiday weekend - that has cheered me up no end
  12. Sweep

    Kevin Davies

    I wonder if he would chooseSheff Wednesday or Sheff United given the choice - does anybody know if he's either an Owl or a Blade?
  13. Can he play the campo role? Is he a Blade?
  14. Sweep


    That's his agents job, so you would expect him to be looking with just 12 months to go. As I said earlier, if we go up,I reckon he stays. If we don't go up, then he'll probably got to a lower ranking PL side
  15. You don't really want us to go up do you
  16. indeed, but I'm a bit annoyed as I spilled a bit of the chilli sauce down my onsie last night, and I don't think the stain will come out
  17. Rubbish, everybody knows it only costs about £2 to go and watch football in other countries
  18. I used to quite like corned beef, and always had it on a sarnie with red sauce - I've not had any corned beef for years though, not sure why.......which means I've probably not had any lobby for at least 20 years Thinking about it, I'm surprised that DazBob, who makes a decent stew (about the only thing he can make), hasn't rustled up a bit of lobby for when it's Bert & Ernie night...........
  19. I don't like them, as it sometimes hurts if it's pulled out of your arse too quickly......so Traf told me
  20. ...and blokes with pierced ears, it's not the 1980's anymore, take your earings out you faggott
  21. I agree, but then hasn't every major city in the world. I try to stay away from the shitty places, unless I'm there watching football.
  22. I'll bet Garrp is already down there wanking away like his life depends on it
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