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  1. Hey Geoffry Boycott Ohh Ahh I wanna know-wo-wo-wo If you've punched your wife 1-2-3-4
  2. no matter what age I become, I'm sure I would prefer a wank that to empty into that droopy faced grotbag. Having said that, from behind she might look OK
  3. I remember us winning 2:0 at Cardiff in the opening day of the season once. Tony Philliskirk scored with a curler from outside the area on his league debut for the club, I think Darby got the second
  4. she looks like Simon Weston
  5. Bridgette could use that nobber out of Balzin' Squad as a sex toy - she's one big woman
  6. Heinz Tomato soup over chips is what you want.......................bloody lovely!
  7. after scoring that promotion winning goal at Wrexham all thopse years ago, I'd welcome him back with open arms. All together now......Robbie, show us your arse, Robbie, Robbie, show us your arse! I wouldn't have that blonde haired welsh puff though!
  8. 'tis nearly true. We forgot our kit and had to play in skins
  9. Best player - Djorkaeff Best goalie - Branagan Best Defender - Bergsson Best Midfielder - Okocha Best Forward - Walker Best Manager - Allardyce
  10. What about Stoke?...................I know Port Vale is in Burslem, but is that an area of Stoke, or a totally seperate town?
  11. Nottingham Liverpool Manchester Nottingham Bristol London Sheffield can't think of the other one
  12. Hello All, I've had enough of Rivals, so I'm moving over here, which hopefully is a touch better!
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