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  1. Hi again, Thanks for the early nod on that Hudders game. It's not appearing on my searches, but as I say, if you find a Youtube link and post it here/DM then I'll happily send out a £10 amazon voucher/charity donation. Some would say that is a reasonable offer for my slice of "moon on a stick". I agree Touchline have missed a trick there, but it also seems like there was an absence all round in this period - Both Sheff U and Notts Forest seemed to release season reviews before and after these years. Also a bit disappointed with the club - I remember at the Reebok in 1999, they would play "best goals from the season so far" in the run up to matches, which I remember had some of those games. They also had a basic web archive which had the goals that seems to have been lost unfortunately. There is a youtuber called RedRoseCountyDan who posts highlights from local news reports, and some of the games were on Sky. So I live in hope. Cheers all
  2. Hi All, I'm Andy and new to the WW forum. I've signed up having seen the RoadRunner videos posted recently and how many have old footage available. I've been after footage of several games from our time in Division 1, starting in 1998 with Todd through to Allardyce's play-off glory. Youtube has been great, and I even managed to get a video from the club some years ago, however the following games seem impossible to get. I've searched Youtube high and low (including opposing team's season reviews, local news reports etc). Can anyone help? I'm literally just after the goals, and am happy to pay a reasonable amount and/or travel and/or assist in converting videos/DVDs. Even if you point me to a Youtube video I'll happily send a £10 amazon voucher/charity donation to the first person who shows me. The list: Bolton 2 – 0 Grimsby 15/8/98 Bolton 2 – 2 Sheff United 29/8/98 West Brom 2 – 3 Bolton 8/9/98 Bolton 3 – 1 Port Vale 4/11/98 Stockport 0 – 1 Bolton 24/11/98 Bolton 3 – 2 Nottingham Forest 25/9/1999 Sheffield United 1 – 2 Bolton 14/11/1999 Bolton 2 – 1 Port Vale 25/3/00 Bolton 4 – 3 Walsall 8/4/00 Huddersfield 0 – 3 Bolton 22/4/00 Huddersfield 2 – 3 Bolton 9/9/00 Sheff Wed 0 - 3 Bolton 20/1/01 Notts Forest 0 – 2 Bolton 17/3/21 Bolton 3 – 0 West Brom 17/5/01 Cheers!
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