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  1. YORRRRRRRRRKSHIRE YORRRRRRRRRKSHIRE Fucking simpletons. If they're not wishing they were from the other side of the hill they're hiding relatives under their beds or chopping up prostitutes.
  2. OK I understand that could in theory happen. I cannot believe someone handed over the keys to sportshield, thus allowing that to happen. Please tell me that's not happened.
  3. The clock can tick at 50% a day, isn't that Sport Shields problem?
  4. Bloke in saddle today must have easy had 20 on him selling them on like meat raffle tickets.
  5. Bought 12 today no problem. Tottington postcode. Easy. 5 in the queue in front of me and I've seen at least 3 of them away with Bolton.
  6. Bury rank alongside Athy LR as rivals.
  7. I'd compare either to not being able to get wood after a mammoth day session and putting in a shit performance. You've just got to shrug your shoulders and laugh because you know full well that in all reality you're miles bigger and better.
  8. Stay at casinos he's from Bury
  9. Smiffs


    Appreciate he's a sick piss head but he's our sick piss head and I don't for one second believe he chooses to be like that. You can only help someone so much though then it gets to the point where if they won't help themselves time and time again they unfortunatly become a lost cause. Sad but true.
  10. Smiffs


    All for helping people in need but given the help he has had that plenty could only dream of, at what point do you say "fuck him". I certainly wouldn't be wasting a healthy liver on him.
  11. What the fuck is his mate in the red shorts next to him dressed as? He looks like he should be on the waltzer.
  12. Sky news live now...have I really just watched dozens of riot police charge 200 England fans doing nothing more than singing very badly?
  13. How the fuck does a mob that big stroll straight into town unnoticed, then create mayhem for so long, without any police knocking about? Anyone who's been away with England will know that was allowed to happen. 100%. Also, what a set of scruffy cunts.
  14. We will lose and the English will leave Cardiff and Swansea to fight among themselves whilst looking for Russians to throw patio furniture at.
  15. Be interesting on Wednesday night when half of Londons over 30s stroll into Lille.
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