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  1. The Muslim councils twitter clearly feed is more concerned with employers sacking people for wearing religious clothing than supporting Muslims and the British community. Some half baked statement doesn't cut it for me. Equally the spineless social worker whitey folk prefer we unite against racism rather than showing any kind of concern for the victims or the affect on UK society of these atrocities. Not a single word. As long as we have these yellow bellied wankers in our community blaming everyone else but the evil bastards carrying out terrorist atrocities, nothing will improve. Hate breeds hate but there's a fucking big elephant in the room and there's too many people frightened to deal with it incase it upsets someone.
  2. When there's zillions of Muslims who treat there own as second class citizens, like wimmin homosexuals for example, then they can't really expect much sympathy from those who are not stuck in the stone age.
  3. But morris reckons there loads of shops on the deane and halliwell routes into town which are all full. Great. If you are from kabul.
  4. We went on Sunday and it was quite busy but definitely needs another bar. Probably in place on that fast food shithole where parents were throwing chicken dippers at their disfunctional kids.
  5. Anyone who thinks a 600 year old bloke built a boat needs sectioning.
  6. Can we not have a referendum to fuck them off?
  7. Let them fuck off and suffer if they want to. Fuck her.
  8. I watched about half an hour either side of half time. It was fucking awful. Core skills simply are not there. Nobody could pass or catch in a way we teach out 7 year olds. Awful. I knee it was going to be boring when the Welsh mon kicked a penalty from 55yards and the royals clapped like seals. So frustrating and slow. Turned over for the saints catalan game which was like going from a McDonald's to a Michelin.
  9. When was last time you paid to watch a warrington match ????????????
  10. He moaned at the price for oap tickets.
  11. I've said if warrington are bottom at end of the year I'll walk I to the boars head in a Wigan shirt. They will click eventually. Not getting complacent. We're doing OK. We're happy. We'll just keep on working hard, see where it leaves us and let others worry about themselves.
  12. I've got my shovel, sack of spuds, crate of Guinness, a picture of the Pope, a copy of "Child Molesting Monthly - Church Edition", a bag of nails, tonne of horseshit, and some assorted kitchen ingredients.
  13. Parasites. Down there with parking nazis and union men.
  14. Na mate he's been on it since December. Lost about 3 stone in 2 months though!
  15. I think they're serious. Bearing in mind dez is a karate black belt I think marwan has lost his marbles. I keep winding dez up that he's only lost the weight so he can fit into his lamborgini. He's shifted some. Fair fucks to him.
  16. Smiffs


    It was a Southampton lad who'd lost his ticket, I just got bored of waiting to pay mine, so fucked it off and went to walk out. Not the smartest move, and it's fucking pointless windmilling when you can't see ????????
  17. Smiffs


    Especially if you want to shit on her tits and then piss it off. Very liberal they are. And fussy too. Responding to the comment "she is a fucking hag" they will bring a selection. A bit like a wine list. They get top marks on TripAdvisor for stuff like that.
  18. Maybe because casino bored that joke out of existence about 10 years ago.
  19. He'd be better off fucking the Macron off and getting into Leyth early so he has learn how to count to 50 again.
  20. He does realise the boxes start serving meals some time during the second half of the Wanderers game?
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